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Water saving Showerheads and other ways to save water in your bathroom

Water saving Showerheads and other ways to save water in your bathroom

When comes to Home Improvement, Lowes has many answers to even more problems.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save money on all these problem solving ideas and have one less headache at the end of the day.  One big thing more Americans are asking is how to save water in the bathroom.  One easy way to save water in your bathroom is to install water saving showerheads. Water saving showerheads may be one of the smallest parts of anu bathroom but they can be one of the biggest water savers.  But there are a couple of other ways your new bathroom can be more water efficient.

How Much Water Is being used?

Water is becoming a scarce resource and when we build new bathrooms, and kitchens, we bear this in mind. Wherever possible we include water saving ideas in every bathroom. It is estimated the average person in the US uses a staggering between 80 and 100 Gallons of water a day, that’s 75  large coke bottles. Water usage is on the increase and it cannot be sustained.  As leading bathroom designers and installers,

Do water saving shower heads really save water?

Water saving shower heads can reduce water use by an amazing 50%. This is 50% less water and 50% less cost. Water saving in the shower is achieved in two ways.  The first is the shower head itself and the second is by using a flow regulator.

Aerator Shower Heads

Water saving shower heads are called Aerator shower heads and work by mixing air into the flow of water to create larger water droplets. The larger droplets create what feels like a more powerful shower using more water.  Many people say that the showering experience is more refreshing and luxurious.  Aerator shower heads can be fitted to any shower with relative ease and there are many fabulous designs and styles that look great in any new bespoke kitchen.

Flow Regulators

As easy as using an aerator shower head, flow regulators can also help save a lot of water.  Modern boilers produce high pressure water flow and this often means homeowners are using more water than necessary.  Plumbing in a flow regulator for the shower reduces the amount of water used and saves water.  Working in combination with a water saving shower head, realistically, you have a better shower experience using much less water.

How to keep your new bathroom water efficient

With some help and advice from Lowes you can install the very best and most water efficient bathrooms in your home. But, installing your water saving bathroom is not enough, you need to keep your bathroom efficient. To ensure your bathroom remains water efficient you should regularly clean your shower head and ensure the nozzles are clear.  Blocked nozzles slow the flow of water and you end up using more to create the pressure you enjoy. Simple cleaning and maintenance can save you a lot of money on your water bills.


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