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How to get kids to do their chores

How to get kids to do their chores

Chores are something many of us grew up with and now many of us have kids we have to dish them out. Kids don’t like doing chores, it is a fact, but for a home to run well they are needed. Lowes has everything you need to make your home look good and run well and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything instore. However, while Lowes has all the tools and materials you need to maintain your home it doesn’t have a magic want to make kids to chore. So, how do you get kids to do chores?  Here are a few ways to get kids to do chores.

Take Away Distractions

A big reason why your child is not doing his or her chores is that he or she is distracted, caught up in something else.  Taking away distractions such as phones, internet, TV, games consoles and such like is necessary. Kids can too easily be caught up playing a game or chatting with friends and chores are not fun. The first way to get your kids to do chores is to take away the distraction, they can  have it back when their chores are done. It really is easy. Kids won’t like it but they will learn fast.

Time Limits

Kids dawdle when they do chores and become their own worst enemy. Set a time limit of getting chores does, twenty minutes should suffice. Setting a time limit teaches valuable lessons and if things are not done in the time limit there may be consequences. Bed time may become earlier, technology may be taken away or a simple lift to school on a rainy day may be withheld. Kids learn fast and time limits teach them skills they can take into their future workplace.


Money is an incentive to pretty much anyone. Chores can be linked to a child’s allowance and when this is done, particularly today, the results are often drastic. Allowance money can be withdrawn if chores are not completed or poorly done and at the same time allowances can be increased for a job well done. Again, valuable lessons are taught using this and they are lessons your kids will never regret.

Have a Plan

A chore chart or structure that is placed somewhere visible helps kids see how their chores fit in with the home, put mom and dad on the list too so kids see they are part of a unit. A chore chart is especially helpful in larger households and where other kids can see that a sibling has not done his or her task and will now be equally “punished” soon changes things. A chore chart shows how everything comes together and kids know when it is their turn and time and the home begins to flow.

Never use chores as punishment

For chores to completely fail all it takes is for them to be used as punishment. When chores are used as punishment they become resented and thus you should never use chores in such a way. If chores are not done there are consequences but if a child misbehaves a chore should not be used to punish him or her. Using chores as punishment will make work seem like something you only do if you have done something wrong and this is a thought that carries deep into later life.

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