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The Tools you need for Paintng your Home

The Tools you need for Paintng your Home

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Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating in any home is an almost non-stop, ongoing event like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. From the walls to the window, inside and outside just about everything needs a lick of paint.  However,  painting and doing the job properly requires the right tools for the job. Do you have them?  This list will tell you quickly whether you do or don’t. So, what tools do you need for painting and decorating?

Paint Brushes

Top of the list for Painting essentials is paint brushes. Paint brushes come in an almost endless range of styles, types and sizes. From cheap and cheerful to more costly professional paint brushes it is easy to get very confused. In a nutshell you need a good selection of brushes, at least one large, one medium and one small to ensure you can paint each piece that needs painting.  Try to spend a little more money on good brushes as cheap brushes often result in bristles sticking to and remaining on your painted surface.

Paint Rollers

The other essential item in your home décor toolkit is a good paint roller or two. For painting large surfaces a roller is the only way to apply paint and as with paint brushes, rollers come in various sizes and of differing quality. You will quickly notice the difference between a cheap roller and a more expensive one as your paint will travel further and carry better.

Paint Tray

Whether you are using a brush or a roller to paint any surface a paint tray is something you will need. A good paint tray simply makes painting easier and is far less messy than painting from a can.  The tray should accommodate the size of your brush or roller and should ideally be deep enough to hold plenty of paint. A tray that is too shallow will need filling too often and will slow painting down.

Drop Cloths

Not really a tool but a painting and decorating necessity, Drop Cloths save your bacon all too often when  painting. So good thick, durable drop cloths that don’t allow paint to seep through keep your floors and even furniture free from paint splatter. The more cloths you have the better and don’t go using your best bed sheets!

Step Ladder

The final tool in your decorating toolkit is a step ladder.  A step ladder makes those higher up surfaces easier to reach and paint. It is never worth stretching to high or too far to try and paint, you will end up with too little paint coverage or just a mess. Investing in step ladder will ensure painting and decorating is easy and not so tiring.

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