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Tools that make Great Christmas Gifts

Tools that make Great Christmas Gifts

Christmas is here and yet again it is that time of year when you are buying gifts and presents for those you care about most.  We all have that DIYer in our families and these are often the person whom buying for is most challenging. For these challenging loved ones tools make a great gift.  The best place to buy tools as a gift has to be Home Depot and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the perfect tool-time gift.  Here are some great tools that make great Christmas gifts for the handyman or handywoman in your life.

Folding Pocket Knife

Many DIY enthusiasts or professional contractors seem to have all the tools they really need. However, ask any of them what they really need and chances are they will say another folding knife. Kept in the pocket a folding knife is like an extra limb to a DIY pro who will cut, prise and scrape witj this handiest of all small tools. Home Depot has a superb selection of good quality workman’s knives starting at under $10.

Manual Pocket Chainsaw

A manual pocket chainsaw sound like a toy or something out of a Marvel movie.  However, a manual pocket chainsaw is an amazing tool that any gardener will love. It is basically a chainsaw chain with a plastic handle that you can wrap around any small branch and slice through to cut down. This clever toy avoids getting your large gas powered chainsaw out and makes life easy when pruning and trimming in the garden.

A Contour Gauge

Ever wondered how the experts mark out awkward and unusual shapes that match each and every time?  The answer is with a contour gauge. These simple tools can be a life saver for any DIYer or simply boost their creativity. Once you give a contour gauge as a gift the person receiving it will wonder how they ever worked without it.

O’Keefe’s working hands cream

If you really want to show you care this Christmas give the DIYer or workman in your life some O’Keefe’s working hands cream.  O’keefe’s is the original hand cream for the man whose hands take punishment every day. Stave off the discomfort and keep your hands supple with a good coating of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. By giving this as a stocking stuffer the smile on the face will say everything!

A set of assorted screws

This is a gift that may well be received with a puzzled brow and a someone subdued “Thank you. I think.”. However, the real thank you will come much later in the year as a set of screws with every conceivable size comes into play. The DIYer in your life will have the screw for each and every job and will be forever grateful of this very thoughtful and perhaps unusual stocking stuffer gift!


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