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Tools Needed to Hang Wallpaper

Tools Needed to Hang Wallpaper

Home Decorating is something everyone gets some enjoyment out of. People fall into two categories when it comes to home decorating and renovation:

The one who likes a perfect end result and calls in the pro’s to even a change a lightbulb

Those who do it themselves and understand the satisfaction of doing so

For the DIYer, Lowes is their best friend when it comes to decorating and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons DIY costs less. One task that DIYers either love or hate is hanging wallpaper. Wallpaper can turn a small apartment into a property that feels like a palace. However, many people don’t wallpaper as they think it is hard work. Hanging wallpaper is challenging, but provided you have the right tools for the job you can hang wallpaper like a pro!  So, what are the tools to need to hang wallpaper? Here is a short list of all you need


Essential for mixing your paste. A tip from the pros is to tie string between the handles so you can wipe excess paste from the brush back into the bucket.

Pasting brush

A good-quality = stocky brush with wide-space bristles that holds lots of paste is ideal. If you don't want to buy one, use an old, clean paintbrush but it is best to buy the real thing!


All-purpose pastes covers most jobs and can be mixed to different strengths, but it's best to pick a paste recommended by the wallpaper manufacturer. Ask at your store for the best paste for the job.

Cutting guide

This an important piece of equipment. Hold this metal strip against the skirting board or coving, then trim away the excess paper with a trimming knife. The cutting guide makes the job easier!

Trimming knife


The sharper the better! Sometimes called a Stanley Knife a trimming knife is a knife with a retractable or snap-off blade can be used for trimming the paper. Keep changing the blade or snapping off the end, as it has to be really sharp.

Plumb line and bob


The most basic of all tools but essential for a professional finish! A plumb line and bob will ensure your first length of wallpaper is straight. Hold the plumb line high against the wall and mark a perfect vertical line using the string as your guide.



Not your ordinary scissors but scissors with long blades that are perfect for cutting a straight line. Always wipe away any paste before it dries.

Wallpaper scraper


A simple tool used to remove any bits of wallpaper before you start.


Seam roller


The tool used to roll this along the edges of each length of paper after hanging to make sure it is stuck down firmly Note: Do not use this on embossed papers, as you will flattten the design.


Paper-hanging brush


It is best to have a wide brush with soft bristles that won't damage the paper. Once it is hung, use the brush to make diagonal strokes from the centre to the edges to ease out any air bubbles or creases.



Finally, because you are certain to splash paste around a bit, you will need to wipe it off the surface of the wallpaper with a damp sponge before it dries.




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