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Tools you need for your car this winter

Tools you need for your car this winter

Winter is coming and you need to be prepared. Everyone knows that Lowes stocks everything you need to make your home winter ready. But did you know you can also get tools and equipment for your car from Lowes?  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything at Lowes. But what do you need for your car this winter?

Multi-bit Screwdrivers, Locking Pliers, and Work Gloves

Three things you need to keep in your trunk for any winter car emergency are multi-bit screwdrivers, locking pliers and work gloves. When you need to access something on your car in snow with these basic tools you can do so with ease. These three basic items should help you out in any tricky situation.

Fire Extinguisher

One of the most overlooked items in any car is the fire extinguisher. These simple and very practical devices can make the difference between a crisped wire and a burnt out wreck. Investing in a small car fire extinguisher can save lives and come in two types. For a car is makes absolute sense to invest in a multi-purpose fire extinguisher as a fire in a car can be hard to distinguish.

Flash Light

Another often overlooked item to be stowed in the trunk of a car is a good flashlight. Sure, we all have phones with flashlights today but a proper LED flashlight purposely made for car emergencies and side of the road problems and night will be a life saver. Always make sure you check the batteries in your torch before heading on a long journey and replace the batteries frequently, even if the flashlight has not been used.

Portable Jump Starter Battery

When you battery dies and you cannot start your car you need a jump. In snowy winter weather this is not always easy and the chances of no one being around when you need them most is pretty low.  With a portable jump starter battery you have a jump start in your pocket, well in your trunk. These are superb, especially for owners of older vehicles where a dead battery could be more of a problem. A portable jump starter battery is a real life saver.

Sand, Salt and Traction Mats

Snow can come down fast and seemingly out of nowhere. When this happens you need sand, salt/an or traction mats. In regions where snow is nearly always forecast for winter months keeping these in the trunk of your car is a must. Being able to get a grip on the road can get you back on your journey in no time.

It makes sense to give your vehicle a pre-winter service and check over. While doing this make sure you have all you need for potentially harsh weather if you are planning any long journeys. 

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