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The Tools You Need for a Spring Garden

The Tools You Need for a Spring Garden

February is here and spring is sort of in the air and you are itching to get out in your garden.  Lowes has all the tools and supplies you need to make your Spring Garden come to life. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything your garden needs.  Every gardener needs tools  but what tools do you need for a Spring garden?

The tools you should have for your spring garden

Garden shears

This time of year is the time of year for pruning. For this you need a good pair of garden sheers if you want your plants to look and grow amazing this year.  A good pair of garden sheers wont just be used at this time of year but you will use them every time you garden.

It is worthwhile spending money on good quality shears.  Good quality shears should be comfortable to use so as to not make your hands and arms tired. A good pair of shears will stay sharp longer and sharpen with ease.  If you look after your shears they will look after you.

Hand Trowel

A must have for the spring garden and a tool that will rarely leave your side is a hand trowel.  February going into March is a time where you will end up making plenty of holes in the soil when transplanting plants of all kinds. You will also find your hand trowel indispensable when weeding.

As with garden shears it is worthwhile getting a good quality hand trowel, cheap ones can easily bend and even break. You will also find cheap hand trowels are uncomfortable to grip and your hands will soon begin to hurt when using them. Gardening is supposed to be enjoyable and a quality tools help make it so.


Pointy Shovel

One of the most important tools you could wish for in your Spring garden is a pointy shovel.  You can spend a lot of a money on a pointy shovel and provided you look after it and don’t leave yours laying around this is a good thing. However, Many gardeners look for middle of the range spades and shovels, especially those who have a habit of mislaying their tools.


Weeding is something you will have plenty of in early spring, somehow the weeds grow better than  anything else you plant.  A scuffle or stirrup style hoe is the best type of hoe to use and can make the task of weeding less backbreaking.

Garden Fork

Finally, the absolute must of Spring Garden tools is the garden fork. Garden forks are used in almost every garden and are excellent for aerating the soil without destroying the ecosystem of the soil.  Aerated soil grows better vegetables and a good quality fork with a good handle will last a lifetime.

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