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February Gardening Checklist Part 1

February Gardening Checklist Part 1

February is a funny month for gardening enthusiasts throughout the United States.  In the north of the country heavy frosts and snow persist while in the South the weather is warming up but is unpredictable to say the least. Getting out on garden is something every gardens wants to do and February is a surprising month with a lot to do.  Lowes has a store full of ideas for you and your garden and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything.  So, what should you be doing in your garden in February? In this three article series we will give an indication of the garden work you need to do broken down by region in the US. In Part one we will cover the USA in general, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions of the country.  


Across the entire US there are some tasks that are as good as identical.  The primary task is that of checking your stored bulbs, corms, or tubers.  Checking that these are dry and not rotting is essential as we get close to planting time.


In the Mid-Atlantic region there is a balance of indoor planning and outdoor gardening that can be undertaken once February arrives. Sometimes there may be a hint of spring in February and this can be deceiving.

You can begin seeding for cool season vegetables and your annual flowers – start them off indoors

Be careful of Frost Heaves.  Frost heaves is a natural phenomena that pushes the crowns of plants through the surface too early.  This can leave them exposed to the elements and can destroy plants. If you suspect first heaves in your area the best solution is to mulch and cover your plants safely.

February has plenty of sunny days in the Mid-Atlantic region and these should be used optimally. Now is the perfect time to prune your dormant trees, shrubs and bushes. You will certainly work up a sweat in the sunshine in February.

You should keep a close eye on your evergreen plants and water them in between thaws.  Any pussy willow or forsythia coming into bloom can be moved indoors.


Perhaps the coldest month in the Midwest and February is, therefore, a maintenance and inspection month.  Some pruning can be done toward the of the month.

Trees and shrubs that begin to come out of the dormant season can be pruned if the end of Febraary is warmer, if not wait till March.

As with the Mid-Atlantic region you should mulch plants to avoid frost heaves.

Likewise the same with pussy willow and forsythia as in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Over the next two articles we will cover the gardening checklists for Northwest, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Coast, South West, and South East USA.


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