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Things you need for a Twenty First Century Garden Part 1

Things you need for a Twenty First Century Garden Part 1

Summer is here, well almost and Home Depot has everything you need to help you make your garden fabulous. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything you need for your garden and more.  As with everything in life today, gardening has its fair share of gadgets to make gardening easier and perhaps more enjoyable. Here are some you cannot do without

Thermal Weeder

If you are a gardener you will hate weeds.  Weeds are a pain and make your garden look untidy and messy. Weeds in the cracks of paving are perhaps the biggest nuisance of all as you need to get down on your needs and crawl about. Furthermore few of us want to use chemicals to kill weeds.  A thermal weeder is the ideal weeding tool for gardeners who despise weeds. A simple gas powered heated prong that burns weeds and kills them on the spot.

Soil, Moisture and Light Tester

Gardening is all about knowing the environment               plants are growing in. To a degree a lot of guess work is needed when knowing what to plant where or the planting is based upon the success or failure of the year before.  Soil composition, moisture levels and light levels are all vital to growing a good crop of whatever you plant. With an all-in-one soil, moisture and light tester you can accurately measure what plants need most and as good as guarantee a superb display of flowers or a handsome crop of vegetables.

Wireless Garden Speakers

Entertaining in your garden is perhaps something you enjoy. When entertaining or simply sat outside enjoying your garden music or entertainment is something many enjoy.  Speakers can be brought from the inside to the outside with relative ease today. However, when the weather turns a little wet these speakers soon become damaged. For this reason one of the gadgets every gardener needs is an outdoor speaker for the garden. Such speakers are designed to get a little wet and work in all weathers.

Weather Station

A cool, fun and very practical gadget for any gardener has to be a weather station. Modern weather stations with LCD displays can tell you everything you need to know about the forthcoming weather.  A simple weather station can help you plan your planting and even plan the mowing of your lawn. Extremely clever, easy to understand and simple to use a weather station is something every avid garden must have in the garden today.

Wildlife Camera Kit

Your garden is most likely a haven for birds and other wild animals.  Capturing them in their environment and enjoying your garden takes patent and even with the best camera in the world you can miss the magic moment they are most active.  A wildlife camera kit is like a surveillance kit for your garden and can take images and video of the wild visitors to your garden is full HD quality. Some systems can even photograph at night without the need for flash.

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