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20 Home Improvements to Avoid in 2022 - Part 1

20  Home Improvements to Avoid in 2022  - Part 1

Your house is perhaps the biggest investment you will ever make.  This week, in this unique four part article we will guide you through top 20 home improvement you should do your best to avoid if you want to protect your investment. Lowes, have been helping people cherish and improve their homes for many decades and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on nearly everything in store.

Inconsistent Architecture

Having your home made up of  a hodgepodge of architectural styles can be off-putting to a potential homebuyer. For a ranch-style home, featuring columns on the front porch can be just as jarring as a log-cabin-styled home with art deco accents. Each architectural style has its own inherent beauty, so be sure to emphasize these factors. If you don't, it can be like eating Pickles on ice cream!

Oversized kitchens

Hold the rise of celebrity chefs responsible for this one. Kitchens with every appliance imaginable and too much space can be off-putting to perspective home buyers who do not engage in serious entertaining. Unless you are hosting lavish get-togethers with a team of cooks, it may be time to divide the kitchen into segments, like a cozy breakfast nook and a sit down family table. Bigger is not always better.

Faux "Old World" Design

By decorating or emphasizing a particular European style (for example, the right region of Tuscany has a distinctive and popular style), we may hope to capture the elegance of this area, but bear in mind that unless you are sourcing the materials (and a vineyard to boot), there will always be something inauthentic about focusing on typical or perceived typical European charm  in another region of the world.

White appliances

If your appliances are white, it's time to upgrade. White may have been at one time a color of choice to emphasize a spotless home (everything shows up on white!), but that is precisely the problem. Home buyers will subconsciously feel the toil associated with wiping every surface down, or see lingering stains that will never come out. In addition, plastic materials fade overtime, turning into a non-uniform yellow. Instead, choose black appliances, stainless steel, or the latest in "black stainless."


Wallpaper makes a bold statement in a home. However, that same boldness may put off buyers, especially if the wallpaper is cheap old or common. Any addition, removing wallpaper is a labor intensive process that can also put off potential home buyers, especially considering that the removal of old older wallpaper may damage the walls and create more headaches. Moreover wallpaper can be a source of undetected mold growth. Stick with paint instead.

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