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Outdoor Movie Night at Home

Outdoor Movie Night at Home

Summer is in full swing and the evenings are warm and dry. It is the perfect time to enjoy your garden or back yard and many families are having barbecues and pool parties. There is a wonderful new way of enjoying the outdoors at home and Lowes has everything you need to bring new levels of happiness and enjoyment to your home. An outdoor movie night is becoming very popular and using a Lowes Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons can make it happen and save you money in the process.  So what do you need to host a movie night in your back yard?

The Projector

One of the first things you need is a good projector. Lowes has a range of projectors that are ideal for a movie night in your back yard. Linking this projector up to a PC where you movies can play from and then plugging in your home surround sound or some speakers outdoors is where the magic begins. Once you have invested in a projector and some speakers you will soon realise that these become a superb investment being hours of joy to your family and friends.

The Screen

It is really easy to make a cinema screen in your garden and Lowes can yet again help you. Some white canvas sheeting or even a white bedsheet fixed tight against a wall or even in a home made frame does the job perfectly. Play around with some ideas or even  purchase a projector screen for the purpose of your movie night.


You will need some comfortable outdoor seating, some people actually move their indoor furniture outdoors. However, ideally proper outdoor furniture is the best idea. Make sure you have cushions too and maybe a few blankets and the late evening can get cooler. Lowes has a superb range of outdoor furniture or you can get your gets to bring a chair and cushion.


In some states mosquitoes can be a pain when sat outdoors. Investing in some citronella lamps and candles will surely pay off and your evening in front of the silver screen will be enjoyable and free from the buzzing nuisance of mosquitoes and other bugs.

Get the snacks right

A movie night is not a movie night without popcorn. On your movie night you will be amazed at how much popcorn your family or guests will munch through, so stock up. Ideally you should consider buying a popcorn maker to serve fresh warm popcorn in true cinema style.

Now you have everything you need to make your movie night happen. All that is left now is the toughest part of all… what movie to watch. That sadly, Lowes cannot help with but you know that once you do one movie night there will me many more and before long everyone will have seen their favorite movie.

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