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A different Black Friday for Home Depot this year

A different Black Friday for Home Depot this year

2020 has been a year many of us will never forget and most of us simply want it to end. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused its fair share of havoc and many of us have had to adapt to a new way of doing things. Home Depot has had some chaos and has had to work hard to fit in with new safer ways of shopping. This means that this year Black Friday as Home Depot will be a little different. However, the one thing that won’t be different is the fact that We Are Coupons will still be able to help you save money at Home Depot online with the best Home Depot Savings coupons.

All Change for Thanksgiving

The biggest change for Home Depot in 2020 is that all stores will be closed. In an endeavor to prevent overcrowding in stores and help control the spread of Coronavirus Home Depot will be closing its stores. This has a plus side in that all home depot employees can celebrate Thanksgiving with the families. It is well known that Thanksgiving can be a busy shopping day for many but Home Depot cares about its shoppers and wants them to remain safe.

The Black Friday changes

Black Friday is by far the biggest sales day for Home Depot. On just one day thousands of people visit Home Depot stores to find the special deal they have waited for all year.  With the Coronavirus pandemic endlessly carrying on having large numbers of people crammed into Home Depot stores could prove to be fatal. To limit the number of people crushing into the stores Home Depot has come up with a superb plan that benefits all shoppers. Instead of having just one day with amazing prices Home Depot is having two months of superb savings on a wide variety of products.

Keeping crowds small

The whole idea of spreading the savings over two full months is to keep crowds small and to allow for social distancing rules to be respected. Retail has changed all over the worlds and the way we shop has also had to change. Home Depot has been at the forefront of these changes. Click and Collect has become popular to avoid people coming into the store.  Furthermore, online shopping has seen tremendous growth.

Shop Safer

It is not only Home Depot that is encouraging people to shop safer, but other stores accoss America are also doing the same. From small family-owned stores to large chains new safer shopping is becoming the norm. Home Depot and We Are Coupons wishes its customers a happy and safe Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

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