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Different Types of Shower Head

Different Types of Shower Head

In your home your shower is perhaps one of the most used items.  Lowes have been supply shower equipment and spares for generations.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on installing a new shower or repairing an existing one.  Showers have come on a long way since the early days of being little more than a faucet you can stand under. Today, there is a vast array of showerheads  for a start. Where do you begin?  Here is a quick summary of the different types of shower heads you can get today

Single Spray Shower Head

The most basic of all shower heads and perhaps the most common is the Single Spray Shower head. It is nothing fancy and does the job. Common in communal bathrooms such as those at gyms but perfectly acceptable in the home. A single pressure with no adjustment and very affordable.

Adjustable Shower Head

Very common and again quite basic.  Adjustable shower heads are the most common in the average home. Spray patterns can be adjusted, everything from a fine mist through heavy rain and a power shower is yours at a twist. These shower heads tend to clog in areas of heavy water.

Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head is generally set at a fixed height and pours down on you like rain. These shower heads provide a very relaxing shower but lack any power. If you like to feel waster blast you a little in the shower these are not for you.


High Pressure Shower Head

For those who want the opposite of a rain shower head the high pressure shower head is the answer.  These shower heads give you a good blasting in the shower and can come in single or double head (or more) and really wash you well. The downside to these awesome shower heads is that they use a lot more water than any other shower head; not good for your water bill or the environment!

Eco Shower Head

These superb shower heads often referred to as green shower heads use far less water and are great for energy efficient showering. Modern eco shower heads create the feeling of high pressure shower by aerating the water flow. This gives the impression of more water but actually far less is used. These shower heads are continuously improving and are very popular. Easy to install such a shower head can reduce the water consumption in the average home considerably!

Smart Showers

Smart Showers are becoming popular, these are not so much about the shower head but the entire shower. From water temperature through water pressure you can set your shower to give you kjust the shower you need each and every time, morning, noon and night!

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