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Different Types of Sandpaper and Their Use - Part 1

Different Types of Sandpaper and Their Use - Part 1

Sandpaper is a tool used for removing material from a surface. It comes in a wide range of grit sizes and can be used for a number of different projects.


Each type of sandpaper has three important qualities: its coarseness, its abrasive material and its coating. The grit number on a piece of sandpaper reflects the number of holes per square inch in the screens used to sieve the grains during manufacture. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons, sandpaper and so much more costs less.



Sandpaper is a material that is used to remove layers of material on a surface. It is usually categorized by grit size. Typically, lower grit numbers mean coarser abrasive materials and higher grit numbers mean finer abrasive materials.


Coarse sandpaper is used to remove significant bumps and impurities from a surface and to make a surface rougher (such as when preparing it for gluing). It is also used to create a rounded edge on a squared-off material.


You can purchase coarse sandpaper in sheets, belts for drum and belt sanders, and disks for disk sanders. It can be made of natural or synthetic materials.


Typical grit sizes range from 40 through 400 grit. These grits are divided into coarse, medium, and fine grades.


The coarse grits are generally used at the beginning of a project to remove as much material as possible before moving on to the more finer grades. They are also useful for creating a round edge on a squared-off material or removing paint and varnish.


For heavier jobs, extra-coarse sandpaper may be needed, which is generally in the 24 to 36-grit range. This type of sandpaper is best for removing stubborn finishes on metals, like rust. It is also suitable for sanding floors with a drum sander.


You can also use coarse sandpaper to smooth rough edges or corners on hardwood floors, or to remove old paint from a wood surface. However, be sure to sand it well and avoid causing damage before you move onto finer sandpaper.


Most projects will require only two or three types of sandpaper, including coarse, medium and fine. You will want to buy a variety of these grits so that you can progressively move from one to the other until your desired results are achieved.

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