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Different Saws

Different Saws

Lowes has a wide range of tools for both DIY enthusiast and contractors. One of the most common tools used in any home or on any construction site is a hand saw. There are many different types of handsaw and you can buy just about anyone of these at Lowes and save money on your purchase with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons. So what are the most common types of handsaw?

Basic Handsaw

Ask a child to draw a man with a saw and the basic hand saw will almost automatically be drawn. It is not exactly a precision tool but is one of the most versatile and can cut planks and floorboards as well as logs and branches. To be honest, every DIY tool kit needs a basic handsaw.


Perhaps best known a saw that cuts through metal a hacksaw cuts through hard tough materials such as metal and plastic. Hacksaws generally have removable blades and there are many different types of blade. Many households use a hacksaw to cut through frozen bone – I net you never knew that!

Crosscut Saw

Known more casually as the lumberjack saw these strong powerful handsaws are designed specifically to cut through branches and trees. These saws need plenty of maintenance, especially when working with hardwood as the teeth dull very quickly.

Pruning saw

This a handy garden saw that is perfect for trimming branches on trees and levelling the tops of fence posts. If you have trees in your garden this will be a superb investment.

Bow Saw

One of the most practical of all garden saws is the bow saw. Large sharp teeth on a narrow blade allow a bow saw to cut through timber and trees like a knife through butter.  Blades on bow saws can be replaced and it is far less hassle that trying to sharpen the teeth.


Sometimes known as a tenant saw a backsaw is a carpenters saw of choice. With a solid blade , strong and top heavy  this saw allows for complete control with cutting through timber. With a backsaw a slow and steady motion cuts timber faster with great accuracy.

Fret and Coping saws

These saws have thin, narrow blades that make cutting out delicate shapes or keyholes extremely easy. Drill the hole, feed the blade through and attach to the saw and you have one of the handiest saws of all.


All these saws can be found in your nearest Lowes store and you can save money by using one of these Lowes Money Off Coupons today!

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