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Different Types of Paint

Different Types of Paint

There are a handful of different types of paint and knowing the difference is important. Of course there are a million and one different colors and Lowes stocks them all but discerning between one type of paint and another can make a big difference to any task at hand. Once you know the type of paint you need then head on down to your nearest Lowes Store armed with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons and save money on the right paint for the job.

Oil Based and Water Based

The biggest distinction between paints is Water based and oil based. Both paints are equally good but knowing the basic differences is important. Oil based paints are often more durable and take longer to dry and cure. With oil based paints brushes are more difficult to clean and this must be taken into consideration. The finish with oil based paints is generally smoother and shinier. Water based paints on the other hand dry and little quicker but are not quite as durable. Brushes are much easier to clean and of course water based paints are more common today.


Often overlooked today, Primer is an important paint and when used makes a huge difference to the finished job. Primer is not really paint but when painting onto a virgin surface it acts as ah adhesive for the paint you are going to use. Primer is generally less expensive than paint and the few dollars spent on it will make a difference to the final finish and you will not regret it.


Today you have a wide choice of finishes when it comes you paint. Before there was really just a choice of matt or gloss but nowadays you can choose from eggshell, satin and many other types of finish that determine how shiny or dull the paint is. If you do not know what you want, speak to a staff member at Lowes and you will be helped.


Finally, enamel paint is a common paint type. Enamel paint is the most durable of all paints and most are still oil based paints. Enamel paint usually comes in the form of exterior paint and high-temperature paint, as well as some indoor paints aimed at surfaces that see a lot of abuse, like kitchen cabinets or furniture.

Buying paint

Lowes has a wide range of superb quality paints at the very best prices. Furthermore, you can save on the exceptional prices buy using a printable money off coupon from We Are Coupons.

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