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How to paint your Window Frames

How to paint your Window Frames

October is here and fall has arrived. One home maintenance task you need to do this October is to paint and touch up your wooden window frames. How do you paint wooden window frames? With  little help from Home Depot and using a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can purchase all you need to do the job. But this is how to paint your window frames the easy way.

Prepare for painting

First, clean the frames and measure your window by its size. So you know exactly how long the wood frame will be and how wide. Then, mark the height and width of your window and the frame. You can draw a stencil onto paper. So, I did and if you plan on painting, cut it out and paste it on the inside or outside of the window frame. Mount the frame on the walls Measure and prepare the wood. Cut it to fit on your window frame. Furniture moving and storage Paint the wood once it has dried. Paint inside the frame Paint the wood inside the window frame as shown in the image. Paint outside the frame I painted the outside of my frame. Painting the wooden frame Apply the paint There are many places you can apply your paint. First, apply it directly on the wood. Apply with a roller.Apply the paint and allow it to dry

Use spackle to fill in any rough spots Press the paint with the end of a paintbrush to smooth and adjust the area Use a bit of a pencil to go over the tape to make sure the paint is going in the same direction Place painter’s tape on all the trim areas Paint a primer coat, letting it dry for about 30 minutes Remove the painter’s tape and sand to your desired finish Go back over the tape and paint the whole window frame How to Paint Your Lattice Door Lattice doors are a popular feature for homes in the United States. If you have a beveled-edged, one-piece door with sidelights and vertical doors, paint your lattice door.

Touch up areas where needed

Check the frames for any structural damage and, if there’s any, fix the damaged areas and replace the damaged wood. Apply the appropriate primer The next step is to apply the appropriate primer to the wood. This helps the paint adhere well to the wood and prevent it from chipping. Use your favorite paint As with any home maintenance, always check for any additional items you need to include in the painting process. For example, you may need to sand the wood and prime it before you apply the paint. However, you only need to sand and prime the wooden frame of the window. Once you finish sanding, apply paint to the wooden frame and let it dry before you clean up the wood and repeat the painting process. As you can see, it’s quite simple to paint wooden window frames.

Protect your work with a sealant

We know how slippery paint is and if you’re working on a ladder, you risk falling down. Therefore, you need to protect your paint job with a solid sealant. A sealant won’t move when painting and it also makes your job easier in the long run because you’ll be able to paint while protecting your woodwork. Paint in sections In order to avoid splinters and broken wood, you need to paint in sections. First, you need to clean your window frame, remove dust from the wooden surface and gently sand the wood with sandpaper. Then you need to sand the paint off. Now it’s time to fill it with your choice of paint. You can either choose light colors or choose dark colors. It’s entirely up to you.


It is pretty easy to do it in two steps. As mentioned in this article, you will need a lot of patience. In order to have a great outcome of this project you have to do the painting of windows frame on a Friday afternoon. Usually, a contractor will come and give you a quote if they have some painting equipment in their van. People often don't do it because they think that it is difficult. Conclusion It is all about planning and follow the simple steps listed in this article.

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