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Paint Colors you cannot ignore in 2021

Paint Colors you cannot ignore in 2021

Lowes has always been one for helping homeowners keep their homes spick and span, well-maintained and of course, trendy. We Are Coupons can save you a small fortune on home maintenance with the best Lowes Coupons on the internet. One thing Lowes knows about is painting and décor in your home and you can rely on Lowes to stock the best range of paints just for you.  But what are the in colors for 2021?

A sea of blue

Blue is a safe choice of color for 2021 and it is likely to be a very popular choice. From dark blues to pale blues this soothing color is a trendsetter for 2021.  Any shade of blue can work for your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom. Versatile and cool in so many ways, a blue home this year is a trendy home and one your friends will want to visit. 

Back to Nature

2020 saw people locked down and spending more time that ever indoors. The lockdown age has not left us yet and 2021 is still likely to be an indoor year for many of us. For this reason bringing the outdoors indoors in terms of color is becoming a trend for the year ahead. Turning your home into more of a sanctuary with natural colors will guide homeowners on how they paint their rooms with hues of green, gold, brown and yellow.

A is for Aubergine

Aubergine is back and is super trendy for 2021. If you want deep moody hues in your home and want to be the talk of the town in terms of trendsetting then Aubergine is the color your home needs to be. In strange way, Aubergine is a neutral color and tends to work with other colors very well. It may be a bit dark for some, especially in rooms with less natural light, but where you have the light go wild!

Happy Yellow

The coolness of blue is in complete contrast to the warmth and joy of yellow. Yellow was the bold side of trendy in 2020, making a statement as the challenges of a pandemic closed in.  In 2021 the happiness of yellow is more mainstream and it’s various shades from deep daffodil to pastel perfect primrose will be a delight in your home. Lowes of course, has all the shades of yellow you can dream of and plenty more your mind will not believe.

Placid Pastels

It’s all about making your home a sanctuary in 2021.  Not knowing whether the pandemic will blow over allowing life to go back to normal or if we will be indoors and away from harm more than outdoors is determining trends. Simply put, pastels will win.  Soothing tones oatmeal, oyster and chalk all touched by a magical hint blue or green will soothe your home and making it a place you can relax and enjoy. 

Whatever color you choose to paint your home choose Lowes and you will be more than happy.

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