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Paint at Lowes: Top Color Trends for 2020

Paint at Lowes: Top Color Trends for 2020

There comes a time where every home needs to be freshened up and while a complete makeover may be a little bit too much a fresh coat of paint is easy and affordable. Lowes is well-known for have a wide range of high-quality paint, with well-known brands that can be mixed in a variety of colours. With We Are Coupons you can save money on paint at Lowes with a money off coupon. However, before spending money of paint at Lowes it makes sense to have a think about the colors you want and maybe consider the colors that are expected to be trending in 2020. With great paint at Lowes at fantastic prices your home can soon look trendy for less money than you imagine. So, what are the expected trendy colors for 2020?

Orange Apricot

2020 looks set have some deep and warm color trends and experts and designers believe that Orange Apricot will be a top choice of colour. A deep warm and very cheerful color, Orange Apricot is almost timeless and blends well with natural woods, fabrics and leather. Not as harsh as bright orange, Orange Apricot is a soft and soothing colour for almost any room where life happens but at a slower pace.

Moody Maroon

Red has been a home design color choice that has been bubbling for a few years and 2020 will see the dark reds become the trendy choice for discerning homeowners. Maroon is about as dark as you can get when it comes to red and the rich tones create a depth of luxury to any space. A surprisingly warm color that works well on large walls with plenty of light, moody maroon provides a tranquil elegance. When shopping for paints at Lowes ask to see the choice of maroon colors you can choose from and make sure you have you Lowes Money Off Coupon ready to save money on your purchase

Acid Olive

The name Acid Olive does not sound exactly appealing but at the time Avocado Green was not exactly the most loved name of all. With an almost military feel to the color, Acid Olive is a relatively gentle and very natural green that adds a fresh touch of pleasant happiness to any room. The color is bordering that of Pistachio and is considered to be a color that will stick around for many years in home design.

Golden Yellow

Making its way onto the d├ęcor trendy list towards the end of 2019, Golden Yellow is another of the warm colors that is expected to be very popular in 2020. It is a little harsh for painting an entire room, but Golden Yellow features or small spaces will certainly look amazing in the year ahead

Blue is back

Saturated Blue is still going to hang around in 2020. Blue has been a popular choice for color in design since around 2018. The deeper blues seem to be timeless and the elegance found in the depth of the colour is perhaps why it has remained and will remain such a stylish choice of color

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