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A Road Trip with Lowes

A Road Trip with Lowes

Every family loves a road trip but a road trip needs some planning and your car needs to be in good working order. With Lowes you clean and ready your car and  get some extra equipment to make any road trip a safe and enjoyable adventure of a lifetime. Furthermore, with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on getting your vehicle ready to save a few extra dollars for you trip to buy a few souvenirs.

Clean the Car

One of the most important things before you go on a road trip is to clean your car. Lowes has a massive range of car cleaning materials and equipment to give your car the clean it deserves. From pressure sprayers through soap and waxes for the outside to vacuum cleaners, air fresheners and dashboard polish for the inside, with Lowes you can clean your car and make it shine like new. Of course, you can save money too by using a Lowes Money Off Coupon.

Maintain the car

It makes sense to have your car serviced before going on a road trip, but if your car has been serviced and just needs a quick look over Lowes has all the things you might need to replace any small parts that seem a little worn. From small plastic poppers that hold things in place though spare fuses and light bulbs (front and back) Lowes has it all. Lowes even has emergency toolkits and fuel containers to keep in your car just in case of a roadside emergency.


Lowes a super selection of tents that may come in handy if you intend to camp out on your road trip. This a fun consideration.


If your car is not quite big enough to transport you and all your equipment for a road trip you will need to tow a trailer. Having a tow bar fitted makes your car more versatile for a road trip and you can tow a trailer to carry more and make your journey a little more comfortable.

Phone and Dashcams

It is not safe to talk and drive and thus a cradle for your mobile phone for your car is an essential for your road trip. If your car is not fitted with a Sat Nav then then your phone can become the perfect GPS to find your way to out of the way places. Furthermore, a dashcam can also help you record some of your journey for the sake of posterity. Don’t forget that Lowes also stocks charging cables and a range of mobile phone accessories so that you are never out of touch on the road, unless that is what you want. All this and more can be purchased for even less with  Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons.


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