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The Lowes Less than $200 living room makeover

The Lowes Less than $200 living room makeover

Many people think that a room makeover has to be expensive but it need not be. Keeping what you have means no heavy expenditure of costly furniture and working with some clever thinking and a Lowes Printable Coupon to save money can transform your living room for well under $200.  Here is how:


Rearrange the Furniture: No Cost

Just moving furniture around or moving furniture from one room in the house to another costs nothing. A change is as good as a rest the old adage says and this is so true for a living room. If your décor is in good condition and the space is versatile enough for some people this is all that is needed to create the appearance of a new room – remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Paint the Walls and Ceiling: $30/gallon

By far the most cost effective way to create a new look is to put on a new or fresh coat of pain.  You can choose an entirely new color or just freshen up what you have. Doing it yourself costs very little and fresh pain is like a breath of fresh air. To make your money go further you might just paint one wall and make it a feature. Lowes has a superb selection of paints and with a Lowes Printable Coupon this makeover becomes cheaper still!

Word of warning:  It may be tempting to skip the priming, but it is recommended that you don’t. Primer costs very little and the end result will last longer and look better for the cost of just a few dollars.


Wall Art: $15 to $50

Jazzing up some boring walls with some wall art is another quick, easy and cost-effective way to give your living room a facelift.  Lowes has a superb selection of different wall arts from fabrics and ceramics through prints of amazing paintings.  Again, you can use your Lowes Printable Voucher and cut the costs even more.

Décor: $40 to $50

Once you’ve hung some wall art, add a few decorative accessories to complete the package. Throw pillows and an accent rug should be sufficient and Lowes has plenty to choose from instore.

Ceiling Fan: $50

This is a brilliant idea to give a room a facelift. The beauty of a ceiling fan is that it not only helps cool off the room in summer and circulate heat in winter, (yes it does!) decreasing energy consumption — it will also add some definition to the room without breaking the bank. The fan will cost you around $50 and installing it is a straightforward DIY project.

If your Living Room is feeling tired now is the time to print off a Lowes Money Off Coupon, save some money and get to work!

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