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Best Bathroom Flooring Solutions

Best Bathroom Flooring Solutions

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The second most important room in the home is said to be the bathroom. The right bathroom makes all the difference, and your bathroom needs to be both comfortable and functional. One of the key features of your bathroom is the floor and the right flooring really matters. So, what choices of flooring are there for a bathroom?

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

One of the most popular flooring types is either Porcelain and Ceramic Tile.  Both are relatively inexpensive and are extremely durable.  Both are very similar, however, porcelain is slightly more durable and less porous than ceramic making them the ideal floor tiles for your bathroom. Porcelain and Ceramic tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors and are relatively easy to lay.

Natural Stone

For the ultimate in luxury bathroom flooring, Natural stone is your answer.  Natural Stone is not totally waterproof and it comes with a fairly hefty price tag.  Some stone needs to the treated and often retreated every year or two to retain waterproofness. Despite the obvious drawbacks of natural stone, it is nonetheless an amazing bathroom flooring solution.


Sticking with stone-like surfaces, concrete can make an exceptional bathroom flooring material. For ground floor bathrooms in properties with a slab foundation, concrete makes an inexpensive bathroom floor. Concrete is close to impervious to water and is extremely durable. Sadly, concrete can be a very cold surface and can be somewhat slippery.


Over the last few years, developments in manmade materials such as vinyl for bathroom flooring have come on a long way. Modern vinyl is an exceptional bathroom flooring material and is very affordable. Vinyl can create many color and pattern options and good quality vinyl is easily confused with real stone or real tiles. For a bathroom on a budget, vinyl is the winner!

Engineered Wood

If you are set on having a wooden floor, engineered wood is your solution.  Engineered wood is made waterproof through a veneer, however, the wood can become damaged and may require sanding. Damage is not that easy to repair and one can only sand the wood so far. Engineered wood is quite expensive.


For the sustainable and even traditional bathroom floor, cork is the perfect solution. Cork will need resealing every year or so and does require some maintenance. However, cork is as popular as ever.  


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