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Benefits of a New Bathroom - Part 3

Benefits of a New Bathroom - Part 3

Home Depot is the number one place to help you make your house a home. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons making your home a dream home costs less. A new bathroom can increase the resale value of your property. It can also improve your lifestyle. New bathrooms provide plenty of space and comfort. They may also include underfloor heating and warm towel rails. Moreover, they can boost your home's value by attracting admiring comments from visitors. In this 3 part article we will look at the reasons why installing a new bathroom is a great idea!



Improves mobility

Using an aid to improve mobility can be a great way to help your loved one remain independent. It can also help caregivers make their job easier. Fortunately, many bathroom mobility aids are available at reasonable prices. Everyone can benefit from better mobility. Here are some ideas that will make bathroom trips a bit easier for your loved one.


A wheelchair-accessible shower is a great solution for a wheelchair-bound person. Adapting a bathroom can be expensive, but the government offers grants that will help cover the cost. If you have a disability, you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. This money will help you upgrade the accessibility of your house or other facilities. Additionally, there are also Home Improvement Agencies that can help with the cost of a mobility-friendly bathroom. Some of these agencies also provide services to those with limited income or elderly individuals.


A new grab bar in the bathroom is another simple yet functional upgrade. Mobility-friendly bathrooms are highly-desired by home buyers. They are also great for the value of your home. These additions can help you sell your home more quickly than other upgrades. In addition, mirrored medicine cabinets are a great option for bathrooms that lack adequate storage. These cabinets can be found in sliding or hinged designs to accommodate your needs.


Promotes independence

Adaptations to the bathroom can improve the independence of older people with functional disabilities. These adaptations can include grab bars, raised toilet seats, and shower/bath transfer benches. These items are all part of the ISO9999 classification for disability study, which identifies a wide range of adaptive products and equipment.


For older adults, an accessible bathroom will allow them to continue living in their homes. It will help the caregivers take care of their loved ones. The extra features and space can make a big difference. Even the simplest task can be challenging for someone with physical limitations. An accessible bathroom can make life easier for both caregivers and the disabled.


Many older adults want to maintain their independence and maintain their privacy. Having a safe, accessible bathroom will prevent accidents and fall-related injuries. For more information, check out the ultimate guide to bathroom safety. There are many options available, and there is no reason not to consider them for your loved one.


Installing grab bars in the bathroom can help older adults maintain their independence. These aids will make getting in and out of the bathtub easier for them. These devices also increase stability. Poor balance can lead to falls and lower body injuries. A grab bar will prevent such accidents and help you remain steady.

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