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The benefits of a wood burning stove

The benefits of a wood burning stove

Freestanding Wood Stoves are cool and Lowes has a wide range to choose from. It is a fact; energy efficient, clean burning wood stoves are more popular than ever and make an attractive and practical addition to any home. You can save money when you buy your wood burning stove from Lowes with a We Are Coupons Lowes Printable Coupon.

Since the dawn of time, when man first made fire the fireplace has been central to anywhere, he lived.  Fire has defined civilisation, it has provided warmth, it has cooked food and it has powered machines. Of course burning wood does have its down side and the smoke with its associated gases runs alongside keeping wood resources renewed. Thankfully regulations, improve farming and smarter hot new wood stoves help reduce the negatives.

Wood Burning stoves have become a lot more eco-friendly since the early days. Older wood burning stoves gave out little heat and pumped out filthy smoke. Fine particle matter in wood smoke has been a primary concern about wood burning stoves. Legislation in the USA and around the world has led to improvements in manufacture and installation.

Modern wood burning stoves also burn less fuel to heat a room and better heat is distributed for improved heating. Being up to 70% more environmentally friendly and with well-farmed or eco-friendly wood supplied wood burning stoves make a good investment. With electricity costs rising a new wood burning stove becomes an energy and cost saver in many homes during winter.

Technology has become a feature of wood burning stoves making hot wood burning stoves cool and trendy. The technology thankfully is not about digitising but about improving efficiency and eco-friendliness.   Computer technology can analyse emissions and other technology such as gas flow analysers and catalytic converters help reduce smoke or clean it. Technology has been used to draw warm exhaust air back into the stove improving heating efficiency. This clever technology uses thermoelectric generator powered by the heat of the fire. No longer are wood burning stoves just something wood is thrown into a burnt, today heat and pollution are managed.

New designs of wood burning stoves appear all the time and many of the most efficient and eco-friendly stoves go back to basics for improvement. Finding ways to maximise heat retention and reducing fuel burn are top of the list for wood burning stove manufacturers.

What are the benefits of a wood burning stove?

Wood Burning stoves are up to 80% more efficient than open fires. There are a number of efficient wood burning stoves that can be installed in an existing open fireplace.

Wood is affordable and is in ample, eco-friendly supply. Quality firewood can be delivered for around R1000 per ton depending on where you stay in South Africa.

No reliance on electricity for heating.  A well-installed Wood burning stove will reduce your electrical bill because it can heat the entire house.

Modern wood burning stoves are cleaner and better for the environment than ever before. Carbon emissions are kept low and with efficiency of over 70% mean a wood burning stove is considered acceptable in terms of eco-friendliness. FACT: Burning wood emits less carbon dioxide than when decomposing naturally

Clean and useful. Burning the right wood produces very little ash. The ash that is produced is useful in the garden, as plants need it.

Safe to use. Modern wood burning stoves have been designed with safety in mind. Sparks cannot jump from the fire and this means the stove can be left unattended.

Adds value to your home. A hot new wood burning stove becomes a feature of your house that adds value to the property.

A wood burning stove becomes and energy efficient and enjoyable feature of any home. Even a small difference made in winter warmth can help reduce energy bills by over 10%. Some wood burning stoves can be used to heat water and further reduce electricity use.


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