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Save energy in your living room and bedroom

Save energy in your living room and bedroom

When it comes to energy saving in the home the first place most people look is the kitchen, followed closely by the bathroom. Few people think of saving energy in the bedroom or living room.  Over the years, Home Depot has been helping people improve their homes and today more people are asking how they can save energy. Home Depot can help you save energy in your living room and bedroom mand We Are Coupons can help you save money at Home Depot with a Home Depot Coupon.

Sunlight is King

Sunlight and daylight are tops for saving energy in terms of heat and light.  Making the most of day time sunshine behind glass can warm a room up better than many heating systems. Home Depot have a range of awnings and window films to help you maximize the use of natural light, avoiding glare and also ensuring your home remains secure. Blinds also play an effective role in controlling warmth and light and can bring energy savings of up to 45% in some cases.

Dimmers and lights

Another area where your bedroom and living room can be more energy efficient is in your choice and method of lighting. Dimmer switches are excellent and use less electricity because you can control your lighting. Lamps rather than main lights also reduce energy use, while LEDs can see your lighting costs plummet. Home Depot has all you need in these departments.

Wall Color

The choice of wall color can have a tremendous effect in your energy bills. Lighter colors reflect more light and thus you need more electrical lighting, some areas can be painted warmer colors to convince the brain it is warmer. Choosing the right color is a strange but very real energy saver for your living room or bedroom.

Service your Air conditioner and Heating

HVAC Systems need to be serviced regularly to operate efficiently. Simple tasks like changing and cleaning air filters as well as service once a year will cost you some money but the overall savings will be significant and noticeable.

Ceiling Fans

Call them old school but ceiling fans really work, they control the flow of air and thus cool and even warm a room well. Only use your ceiling fan when in the room, switch off when not needed.

Switch Appliances off

Nearly everyone leaves their TVs and entertainment devices on even when they think they have turned them off. The truth is that most of us only put our devices to sleep and the little LEDs remain on, along with a few other components. By switching off at the plug you can save a small fortune of electricity each year and despite the minor level of hassle you won’t regret it.

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