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How to Declutter your Bedroom

How to Declutter your Bedroom

Lowes has everything you need for a comfy bedroom. With a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from we are coupons you can make your bedroom perfect for less. There are several ways to declutter your bedroom. First, take a "big picture" look at your room. Next, clear any surface clutter you find. Lastly, take a laundry basket to your bedroom and donate items you don't use. These tips can help you get rid of clutter and make your room more comfortable and stylish.


Decluttering your bedroom

Decluttering your bedroom can be a challenging task. You might be tempted to toss everything into random drawers or under the bed. But before you begin the decluttering process, it is important to understand what you want to achieve. First, determine why you want to declutter your bedroom. If you're just using it to sleep, for example, you can just store your clothes and accessories there. But if you're hoping to treat your bedroom like a retreat, decluttering is essential.


You might also want to consider decluttering your nightstands. You can do this by removing items you don't need or use regularly. Get rid of everything that doesn't have a place in your bedroom. You can also buy small acrylic boxes or drawer inserts to organize things. Once you've organized your nightstands, you'll have an easier time accessing your items.


Taking a "big picture" look at your space

When decluttering your bedroom, it is important to think about what your goals are for the space. It is best to only keep things that add value to your space. For instance, if you want to use your bedroom solely as a sleeping area, you should not have too many pieces of furniture. Instead, you should make the most of the space's other purposes.


One of the first steps in decluttering your bedroom is to assess the amount of furniture you have in your bedroom. Consider whether you have a comfortable chair for reading, a morning coffee chair, or a clothes horse. If you don't use a particular piece of furniture, it can serve as a catchall for clutter.


Clearing surface clutter

To begin your decluttering project, assess your bedroom's furnishings and surface clutter. Flat surfaces are notorious for collecting clutter, so it's crucial to remove any unused items and put them where they belong. To start, select one flat surface in your bedroom and tackle it first. Once you've cleared this surface, go on to another and remove any other unnecessary items.


Avoid placing bulky furniture on the floor. This will make the room feel less cluttered and create a more open feel. To save space, consider using floating shelves or vertical storage solutions instead of nightstands. You can also use small lidded boxes to store items on your dresser or grooming area. Small boxes are also a great way to clear up surface clutter and add decor to your room.


Making boxes for Keep, Don't, and Trash

To get a start, get a few empty cardboard boxes and start putting away things you don't use or wear. If you can't find a use for something, you can donate it or store it for later. You can also start throwing away things like clothes or shoes.


Whether you have a lot of items or only have a few, categorizing them into boxes is an effective way to get rid of things without too much trouble. One popular method is the Three-Box Method. This system forces you to make a decision on each item in a box rather than letting the clutter pile up and become more of a mess. Besides making it easier to make decisions, it also requires you to label every box.

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