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How to get your garden ready for Summer

How to get your garden ready for Summer

Home Depot loves helping people make their house a home. This includes the garden and you can save money on all your gardening needs with a Home Depot Money off coupon from We Are Coupons. Whether you're gardening in a small garden or a large one, you'll want to get your garden ready for summertime enjoyment. Summertime means warmer temperatures and more time spent outside. That means you'll want to water plants and weeds, and prepare your garden for al fresco entertaining. Below are some tips to get you started. We'll touch on some of the most important topics, from cleaning up dead plants to weed control.

Tidy up

Traditionally, gardens are tidied up in the fall. Leaves are raked, and weeds are pulled. Some even dig the ground over their vegetable beds in the hopes of breaking up the soil. But natural gardeners question the practices of the past, adapting them to the modern world. And in the United States, the summer season doesn't end until the end of September.

Water plants

One way to prepare your garden for Summer in the United States is by watering all of your plants. Make sure to water regularly during warm spells. After watering, you should also turn over your compost. If you can't find the right compost mix, store seeds in milk jugs and use them as needed. In addition, you should tap trees if you don't have one already.

Control weeds

The Summer season is an exciting time for planting and growing. Weeds aren't the only problem during the warmer months. Weeds can also take over a garden if you don't control them. They can take up water and nutrients from your desired plants, so weed control is essential in summer. Also, remember that weeds can sprout from a seed in a few days and still be in your garden a few years later!

Prepare for al fresco entertaining

The summer season is the perfect time to embrace alfresco living. Whether you have a balcony or a large back garden, you can create a relaxing outdoor retreat. Here are six tips from professional hosts. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hosting outdoor events. Once the weather turns warm, make sure to plan your entertaining season accordingly. Listed below are some important tips to prepare your garden for al fresco entertaining.

Protect trees

In order to protect the trees in your garden for summer in the United State, you can use a variety of techniques. Tree protection is important in the summer months when foot traffic increases and trees are more susceptible to damage from vandalism or intentional damage. Mulch is an effective way to protect the roots of your trees, and you can install barriers along your paths to prevent people from walking up to the trees.


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