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April Garden Projects

April Garden Projects

April has arrived and you can finally get out into the garden.  The weather has hopefully gotten warmer and you feel like doing something to make your garden awesome.  Home Depot is packed full of ideas and with the best Home Depot Coupons on the web from We Are Coupons you can save a lot of money. So just what can you do in your garden this April? Here are some fun garden projects for April you may want to undertake

Tidy Up your Garden

Top of the list of all garden projects for April is to tidy up and clean up your garden. It’s not a very exciting garden I know but it a job that must be done. There are tons of things you want to get down to but none can even begin until you have tidied up your garden. Winter has been harsh on your garden, toys and trash that got buried under the snow are now on the surface. Your garden looks like a bomb has hit it.  Once the garden has been cleaned and tidied you can get on with the fun stuff.

Scrub Down your Garden Furniture and Deck

Okay, so we are still on tidying up and cleaning!  Your garden furniture and deck are all part of your garden and a scrub up and clean is very much needed come April.  A good clean may help you decide if your outdoor furniture can manage one more season or if you need to purchase new furniture. Your decking may need to be sealed and this task is one best done sooner than later.  After this, I promise we can have some more fun.


Now we have cleaned up the garden it is time to be kind to tomorrow’s garden.  Creating a compost heap or investing in a composter is the best way to start off your garden for 2021. It doesn't take a lot of effort and it turns all your vegetable peels and garden waste into what many gardeners call black gold. This is an easy project to undertake and one you will value in time to come.

Make a rain barrel

In a similar vein to making a compost heap a rain barrel is something your garden will thank you for in time to come.  Harvesting rainwater from all those spring showers will give you plenty of water to soak your garden all year round. Using rainwater will also save you money on your water bills.  Setting up a rain barrel or rain harvesting system need not be difficult, just diverting a downpipe into a barrel rather than the drain is all it takes. Of course, you could go further and your local Home Depot store can advise you.

Feed the Birds

Another wonderful April garden idea is to install a bird feeder.  With a simple cage of bird feed hanging from the branch of a tree, your garden will be filled with the colors of birds and their happiness. A birdbath is a lovely addition to any garden that will deliver many hours of enjoyment as you watch your feathered friends wash themselves and even cool off in the spring sunshine.



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