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10 steps to spring clean your bedoroom

10 steps to spring clean your bedoroom

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to spring clean your home.  Home Depot has all the essentials you need to clean your home from top to bottom.  With the best Home Depot Coupons available, We Are Coupons has everything you need to save money at Home Depot and give your home a good clean.  But how do you spring clean your bedroom? This how…


Step 1:  Take out the Trash

The first thing to do when you spring clean your bedroom is to take out the trash.  If you have a waste paper basket or bin in your bedroom clear it out. If you don’t have some form of bin in your bedroom then it is time to get one… you won’t regret it!  Clear up all the trash from around the room and once this is done you can move on to the next step.

Step 2:  Remove the dirty clothes

Nearly every bedroom on earth becomes a magnet for dirty clothes and laundry. To Spring clean your bedroom, once you have cleared the trash you need to pick up all the dirty clothes, put them in your hamper or transport them to the laundry room. Slowly but surely you are getting your bedroom tidier and ready to clean.

Step 3: Put Clean Clothes Away

Having removed the dirty clothes your clean clothes need to be packed away.  This may be you cue to tidy out your closet and clothes storage. The task of folding and packing away your clean clothes only takes a few minutes, unless you need a really good sort out, and it will make choosing your outfit for tomorrow so much easier.  Now… back to the spring cleaning.

Step 4:            Strip your bed

This should be done frequently  but this is a spring clean and even if you only changed your bedding a couple of days ago it needs to be done now. This may also be the time where you replace winter bedding with cooler summer bedding.  You may also decide to clean your comforters and duvets at this time too. 

Step 5:  Declutter

We are all clutterers and bedrooms fill up with junk very fast. Your bedroom is full of places that become drop zones for daily junk that belongs somewhere else but you are too lazy to put it away. Now is the time to declutter and get organised.  Yes, this does mean removing the 3=day-old cup of coffee behind the curtain!

Step 6: Wipe the surfaces clean

Now you can see the surfaces you can begin to clean them. Using the correct cleaning fluid take your time and wipe all the surfaces.  With COVID19 it makes sense to use anti-bacterial cleaning materials.

Step 7:  Dust curtains, fixtures and fittings

Your light fittings and curtains are dust magnets.  Dust down all your curtains, replace them with clean or new ones if you must and dust or replace light fittings.  Now your bedroom is really starting to look clean.

Step 8: Wipe down windows and mirrors

The next step is to clean all the windows and mirrors with window cleaning solution.  Wipe away all the greasy fingerprints and your room will begin to shine.


Step 9: Vacuum and Sweep

Your Bedroom Spring Clean is almost there.  All that is left having worked from top to bottom is to vacuum your floors and carpets to pick up all the remaining dust.  Now you have just one step remaining

Step 10:  Make the bed

The final step of your bedroom spring clean is to make the bed.  Once this is done you can step back and admire your amazing clean and tidy bedroom!




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