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How to Clean Your Car - Part 1

How to Clean Your Car - Part 1

Home Depot has been helping people look after their homes for many years. It is not just homes that Home Depot can help with. Home Depot can help you look after your car too, and with some help from We Are Coupons and a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money too. Do you know how to clean your car?  Here is how to clean your car properly.

Don’t wash on a sunny day

It sounds stupid but washing your car on a hot sunny day is not the best time to wash your car. On hot sunny days the water and detergent used to wash your car can dry too fast and leave streaks on your car. It makes sense, therefore, to clean your car on a cooler, more overcast day.

Don’t leave your car to dry

This is another stupid thought but it is something we all do.  Leaving your car to dry on its own can leave it looking dirty. Drying your car properly and putting a little elbow grease into it will actually make your car shine. Many car washes will tell you that drying the car after the wash is the most important part of the process.

Avoid the pressure washer

Using  pressure washer can save time when cleaning your car, it great for blasting off lumps of dirt underneath after a heavy day off roading. However, the pressure washer is not the ideal way to clean your car if you want your car to shine like new.

A pressure washer can be causing more damage than you think because we all assume too much. Paintwork on cars is still very delicate and it takes very little to damage it. Modern pressure washers are extremely high pressure and just a small lapse of concentration can  see you lifting the paint. Furthermore, if you car is an older model you would see water seep in through the seals between panels and eventually cause rust.

A pressure washer may make tires look clean too but this is a total no, no.  Tires, especially older tires that are a year or two old can be damaged by high pressure cleaning and can even explode. 

Slowing Down

Washing your car is something you should take your time with and the above “how not to clean your car” tips will result in a cleaner, shinier car.  In the part two of this blog we will show you how to clean your car properly and what show you what you need to clean your car like a pro.

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