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How to shop like an interior designer

How to shop like an interior designer

Home Depot has been helping people make houses homes for many years. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on pretty much everything in store and make your home amazing. However, shopping at Home Depot like an interior designer would is something every homemaker should learn. So, how do you shop like an interior designer?

Stick to Your Plan

Starting from scratch on a new room is either something you love or something that scares you half to death. Either way, when you shop like an interior designer you need to shop with a plan in mind. Planning is the key to decorating and designing your interior to perfection and once you have planned you need to stick to it. Shiny Object Syndrome and “Oh look it’s on sale”  can distract you from your plan, Home Depot has lots of that, and you won’t get the room or interior you truly want.

The Statement Piece

All professional interior designers need to find that place in a room or space to start from.  You need that statement piece.  This is that one piece of furniture that you may quite rightly spend a little more money on. This is the item and focal point of the room that everything else spirals out from. Finding and then buying that one piece that is your wow factor is important and when shopping you may spend a little more time choosing this than you might on other items. Get this bit right and you are off to a great start.

Mix and Match

You are looking for your style not so much a copy of someone else. Use others for inspiration of course but you want your personality to shine through in the room you are creating. This means you can and should, must even, mix and match a few styles and design ideas. A little bit of mix and match is what will make your home your home. Home Depot has plenty to choose from so mix and match to your heart’s content!

Know your space

Don’t ever go shopping before you have measured your space and have a really good idea of its layout. Know where windows and doors are, know where lighting is, know where power points are and more. Measuring and then sketching your room, you don’t need to be a master artist, will ensure what you buy will work and actually fit in the space you are creating.

Set your budget

Always shop with a budget in mind. Know what your must have items are and know what your nice to haves are as well as those items you can do without if need be. Know what you can spend more on and know where you can go cheaper if need be.  But above all set a budget and stick to it.

Now you know how to shop like and interior designer!

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