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The Color of your Christmas Tree

The Color of your Christmas Tree

We all think of Red and Green as the colors of Christmas when it comes to Christmas tree decor and you would be forgiven for believing this.  Places such as Home Depot may beg to differ as they do their best to inspire us all to be different in our Christmas décor. You can make 2021 a very different Christmas and with a little help from a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can do so for less.  So, according to some top interior designers and decorators what is the color of Christmas when it comes to decorating your tree?

Solo Color

Minimal is very much a growing theme in homes all over the world.  Sticking with just the right amount of one color is very stylish and ultimately trendy. Choosing a single color on your tree can look very striking;  a smart green tree with just red baubles on it can look amazing in any home. A clutter-free approach to Christmas décor is very much the way to go for homes that want to be super stylish this Christmas.

Pastel Christmas

Steering far away from the green and red that dominate Christmas tree decoration Pastels are a trend that many households are taking in 2021. White and shades of pastel pinks fill a home with Christmas memories of a bygone era. Soft and snowy pastels create a gentle and very soft vintage look to your tree.  In the tough times we have had since 2020 with COVID19 a pastel Christmas tree is perhaps the joy we all need so much.

Naturally does it

Many aspects of home décor are going back to nature.  The hues and tones of wood, stone, soil and plants are commonplace in many homes. Your Christmas tree can be the same and choosing some tans, beige and came colors set against the green of your tree creates a feeling of something traditional and superbly simple. Gentle on the eyes and appealing to everyone a more natural tone of décor is peaceful and very much Christmas.

Not so heavy metal

In among the red and green many people add some silver and gold tinsel to their Christmas tree for a touch of class. In a mood similar to that of just one color that we started with choosing just gold and silver for your Christmas tree décor is a wonderful way to go. Mixed metals look extremely classy and generate a really happy Christmas mood while remaining clutter free and easy on the eye.

This year re-think your Christmas tree décor and have a very magical Christmas.

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