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Choosing and Caring for Christmas Poinsettias

Choosing and Caring for Christmas Poinsettias

A Poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower that brightens up any home in the Holiday season. Many people give these red or white flowers and gifs and Lowes has poinsettias in stock nearly all year round. With a Lowes Money off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on your Poinsettia for your home or when purchased as a gift.

Choosing a Poinsettia

Lowes stocks high quality Poinsettia plants and to help you select the best plant here are a few things to look for.

Foliage should be fresh, dark green and there should be plenty of it.

The flower buds should be tightly clustered – this will ensure they last a long time

Make sure the plant is fresh. The best way to check this is to look and see if the yellow buds in the centre of the flower are fresh and have not dropped off.

Make sure the plant has no discolored or sagging leaves.  The plant should look healthy.


Caring for your poinsettia

Having carefully transported your Poinsettia home from Lowes you need to know how to take care of your wonderful plant. Thankfully, Poinsettias are fairly low maintenance but these tips will help ensure your plant remains bright and healthy

Poinsettias love sunshine but not direct sunlight.  They need around 6 hours of sunlight a day to remain healthy.

Temperature. Poinsettias thrive at around 65F to 70F with night time temperature of ideally no less than 60F. The cooler night time temperatures help keep the plant healthy. Drafts and cold breezes are not ideal for poinsettias, likewise heat from appliances is not good for them either.

Watering:  Moist but not wet soil is ideal for a healthy poinsettia. The water should be able to drain through the container and when dry simply top up with room temperature water. Overwatering is the number one way that kills a poinsettia.

Tired Plants

When a plant looks tired it is often because its blooming season is over. Once this stage is reached it doesn’t take a lot to keep the plant healthy for next season. Watering once a week and around March the stems should be cut back to about half. 

You can plant the flower outside once the weather gets warmer. You can keep it in its pot or plant in the spoil. Pinch back any growth in June or July and before you know it you will have a healthy plant all ready to bloom for next Christmas.


Lowes has a superb selection of indoor plants and when using a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon you can make some terrific savings on plants that will give life to your home or office.

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