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Christmas Gifts of the 1970s

Christmas Gifts of the 1970s

While it feels like Home Depot has been around forever, in 1970 Home Depot did not exist, it only arrived in 1978! Times were different back then, 50 years ago and sometimes it is fun to take a look back and remind ourselves just what things were like. Do you remember giving any of these as Christmas gifts in the 1970s?

Digital Watch

The 1970s was going digital and digital if you could afford it was all rage. In 1974 Omega launched a single function, yes just one function,  watch that was made famous by the TV series Kojac. Of course, if Kojac had one anyone who was anyone wanted one and for a mere $3,000 (no that is not a typo)  you could have one. 

Add things up

Further Digital gifts were also popular in the 1970s, some of them we would not even consider giving as a gift today as they are so commonplace. One such gift was the Hewlett-Packard HP35 Digital calculator. Yes, a calculator was classed as a gift idea, not just any gift but a premium gift in the same league perhaps as an Xbox today. A calculator was a cool gift at a hot price of around $395!

Baseball legend makes a new name for himself

Joe DiMaggio was a baseball legend long before the 1970s but in the 1970s he gained a new name for himself about as far from the baseball field as you can get. Coming to be known as Mr Coffee Dimaggio was the face of a well-known brand of coffee machines. Coffee Machines were popular “Big ticket” items in the 1970s  and were a marvel of technology bringing coffee shop coffee to the home,


No, not a smell but one of the very first Video Game Consols. Developed by Atari, Pong was very much like the first digital watch and had just one game. One game was enough to be a sensation and in 1974  Sears sold over 150,000 of the TV games console. Really quite unbelievable but if you recall your family getting this you are 50, older or very close to 50!


The 1870s saw the rise of the paper gift certificate. It was quite amazing how far a single dollar went 50 years ago where you could buy a burger, chips and a coke for a staggering 50 cents! Stores of all kinds caught onto paper vouchers and these became amazing stocking fillers. 

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