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Fake Vs. Real Christmas Trees: Which One Is Best For You? Part 2

Fake Vs. Real Christmas Trees: Which One Is Best For You? Part 2

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to buy that perfect tree. Do you want an artificial or a real one?  Home Depot has plenty of trees to choose from and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the perfect tree. In Part one of this two part Christmas Tree Special started looking the pros and cons of both fake and real trees. In part two we continue and hopefully leaving you able to decide which tree is best for you.


Choosing Your Tree and Tips for Keeping it Fresh

For many people, the decision between real or fake is simple. Some people want the tree to look as realistic as possible, while others want to avoid the mess of needles and sap. Either way, there are some pros and cons of each type of tree.


Pros of a real Christmas tree:

It smells like Christmas.

The tree is more natural looking.

You can't beat the feeling of cutting down your own tree.

Cons of a real Christmas tree:

They can be difficult to transport.

You might have to buy a stand separately.

It's hard to know how tall the tree will be when it's delivered.


After the holidays

When you buy your tree, don't forget to ask the seller what they do with their trees after the holidays! You don't want to be supporting an industry that just throws trees away after they're done with them. If they just put them in the trash, find someone else to buy your tree from.


Top Tip for keeping your fake Christmas tree fresh:


To keep your fake Christmas tree looking fresh, you'll need to vacuum it every week and replace the water every two days (or as needed




The decision to choose between a real or fake tree is important to make. You have to take into account what you want, your budget, and your location. However, it’s not always an easy decision.

You have to consider if you have space for a real tree, what will happen when you don’t want it anymore, and the cost.

You also have to consider if you want a fresh tree or not. If you do, then the decision is easy—real tree all the way. If you don’t mind an artificial tree, then they are also a great option.

The best way to decide is to do some research on both options so that you can make the best decision for your home and lifestyle.

Whichever tree you choose the most important thing is to have a happy Christmas. Never forget the real meaning of Christmas, be kind and considerate to one another and put a smile on your face wherever you go.

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