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How to fill that awkward time between Christmas and New Year

How to fill that awkward time between Christmas and New Year

It is a funny time of year and for many people, Christmas has been less normal than usual. Home Depot has helped you maintain and uplift your home all year, We Are Coupons has helped you save money with the best Online Home Depot Coupons. Now it is “me time”, but what can you do to fill the time for yourself now that Christmas is over and New Year seems so far away.  Here are a few ideas.

Complete that 5,000 piece puzzle

There are very few households that do not have a jigsaw puzzle laying around. You have had a long and challenging year and completing a jigsaw puzzle will relax you.  The puzzle might take you a few days but once it is complete you will feel relaxed and the sense of accomplishment will be amazing.

Do something fun just for you

There are a few restrictions in some states thanks to the coronavirus but this should not stop you doing something fun or new just for yourself. Putting yourself first for a few hours will feel great, especially if you have had a challenging family Christmas. If you can sneak off to the movies on your own and watch a movie or take a walk somewhere close by that you have always said you would do. You can do whatever you like as long as it is for you.

Check Out Local

If things are open checking out a local museum or art gallery can be a fascinating way to fill up some time and switch off. It will get you out of the house and away from the crowds – hopefully!

Get laundry up to date

Ok, this isn’t such an enjoyable time filler but it is one that will leave you feeling very satisfied.  Many households end up with a backlog of laundry over Christmas. Taking a day out to just focus on laundry will be something you truly appreciate once you head back to work in the New Year when you will have no time!


Clear our your junk drawer

Yes, every home has one… a junk drawer!  The few days between Christmas and New Year is the best time to tip the drawer out and sort through it. You will be amazed how much junk you really have and you may even find things you thought were lost.

A room makeover

Home Depot is open between Christmas and New Year and the few days until 2021 starts is the perfect time for a complete room makeover. You know you have been promising to do this all year, even when you have had all the time in the world if you have been locked down.  Find a room that you thinks needs a remodel, head online to Home Depot with your Home Depot Coupons and get creative. This will kill a lot of time and will make your home look and feel amazing!

Hopefully, these few ideas can get you through the slow period at the end of the year and get you re-energized for the year to come!

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