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Unusual Tools you never new you needed

Unusual Tools you never new you needed

We have all heard of a hammer and a saw and Home Depot Stocks plenty of them.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on a wide range of hammers and saws.  However, there are plenty of strange sounding tools that you may have never heard of that you can also purchase at Home Depot that do some remarkable things. Here are a few lesser-known tools.

Dogleg Reamer

A fantastic sounding tool that has a long screwdriver type end that is inserted into a freshly drilled hole. Then the stem of the tool is bent out to form a handle with a conventional screwdriver handle. You then turn the tool with the tip in the hole you have just drilled and burr of the edges. This tool is widely used in aircraft manufacture to clean off holes drilled to avoid stress fractures.

Stork Beak Pliers

Ever needed to put something small out of a hole you have drilled only to have your arm and body in the way to see properly?  With normal pliers there is a lot of hit and miss but stork beak pliers have bent over tips that reach into a hole and allow you to see in at the same time. Genius!

Stubby Nail Eater

A remarkable tool often used by electricians and plumbers who drill through all kinds of material. Very often when drilling nails and the like can get in the way. A stubby nail eater is a strong drill bit that drills and spits out nails and screws as it bores into timber.

Duplex Rabbet Plane

A beautifully crafted piece of engineering in an equally beautiful tool.  The Duplex Rabbet Plane is more that one hundred years old and is an indispensable tool for carpenters when they need to carve out rabbets.  This tool has two blade positions, regular and bullnose that give this exceptional piece of engineering its name.

Egg Beater Drill

No this is not some crazy device for making pancakes but a very tidy hand drill. Using a similar mechanism to a manual egg beater this small precision drill can spin a drill bit almost as fast as an electric drill to create perfect holes in most materials. Unlike an electric drill they never run out of power. Many carpenters swear by these amazing drills.

Tailpipe Cutter

Ever wondered how to cut a metal pipe such as a tail pipe with ease?  A tail pipe cutter is the perfect blend of wrench and pipe cutter. Looking like a martial arts weapon you simply wrap the cutter around the pipe you wish to cut, tighten it and then turn the handle a few times and the pipe cuts with easier. Faster and much tidier than a hacksaw.

Sky Hook

No, not something out of the next Marvel Heroes movie but a simple device designed for the aircraft manufacturing industry.  A simple hook and coiled rope attachment that clips to the person on one end and the tool on the other.  This device means you can work up high and not worry about dropping tools out of reach.  

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