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Storing tools for winter - Part 1

Storing tools for winter - Part 1

Winter soon barrels in and before we know it snow is on the ground and we are wrapped up warm.  We tend to forget about the tools we have outside in our garage or shed and then find them not quite as we left them when spring arrives once more. At Lowes we have all the tools and equipment you need to look after your property and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you save money on everything. However, saving money is a waste of time when you have not stored your tools correctly over winter.

Here are some tips for storing tools safely in wintertime.

Storing Hand Tools

In most cases your hand tools won’t suffer to badly when stored in your garage or shed.  Really cold temperatures can make metal and plastic parts extremely brittle and these can break if you use the tools at low temperatures. To prevent this you should always take tools into a warmer space before use, such as inside your home, for an hour or so before use.

Metal tools can easily rust and fluctuations in temperature and humidity can aggravate this.  If rust is a concern you might want to a find a warm and dry place inside your house for winter storage.  It makes sense to clean your tools before storing them indoors, applying fine oil and rust protector is recommended.

In some states the very cold temperatures are mixed with dry air and thus rust is not a problem over winter. However, if you decide you wish to store your tools in the basement the air can be damper and rust can become a problem once again. Coastal areas the air becomes damp in winter and rust is more likely to be a problem.  A dehumidifier is a good investment when storing tools inside in damp conditions.

Garden Tool Storage


To store garden tools properly you must rinse of and dry them thoroughly. If you see spots of rust you should remove them with a wire brush.  It is worthwhile rubbing a light oil onto the metal parts for storage.  Wooden handles are susceptible to cracking in cold dry weather.  Late fall coming into winter is the best time to protect your wooden handles with a coat of linseed oil.  You should hang up any shovels, spades or other digging tools and keep them off the floor. Garden sprayers should be rinsed through.

Lawn mowers need special attention and all grass and residue should be removed.  Blades and other parts need to be cleaned. It is a good idea to give your lawnmower a service before winter sets in to ensure it is ready for spring.

In part two we will look at storing power tools over winter and ensure your tools are all ready and working for spring when it arrives all too soon.

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