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The Most Overrated Tools in your Toolkit

The Most Overrated Tools in your Toolkit

At Home Depot you can find every tool for every job you need to do around the house.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can  save money on all of them.  We all have tool boxes of some kind and most of us have a wide selection of very practical tools. However there are plenty of tools that are totally underrated that can simply irritate us. Here are some of the most underrated tools.

Yankee Driver

Many of us have one of these supposedly practical screwdrivers that are supposed to make screwing in screws that bit easier. The reality is that while this 90 year old tool may have been modernized a little since it first appeared it remains virtually pointless. It does not make the job or screwing screws any easier, unless into metalwork for some reason, and it has largely been superseded by power screwdrivers that really do make the task easier.

Magnetic Stud Finder

It sounds fantastic, almost impossible to believe. A tool to find hidden studs, screws and nails in walls.  In terms of frustration the Magnetic stud finder is top of the class. Unless you are using it on thing paster walls it picks up just about every piece of metal, dust and otherwise or absolutely nothing at all. Either to find nothing but metal studs of some kind or zip, nada, nothing. A wonderful idea but as good as useless.

Foam Paint Edgers

An absolute genius idea! It sounds like the dream solution for those painters and decorators who struggle with cutting in. It should work, but because it over-complicates a simple task using foam it fails miserably. Foam is a dreadful material for painting with and this device nearly always ends up with a freshly painted wall looking dreadful able to see where this tool took over from a perfectly good paintbrush. Painting is something that you need to do slowly so please take your time and don’t invest in one of these.

The Adjustable "Crescent" Wrench

The spanner or wrench for every sized nut or bolt.  Or so they say. This intriguing device looks like it should work. It works okay for one nut or bolt but it has one massive flaw that anyone who has one will tell you about.  This adjustable wrench loosens itself in use and needs to be readjusted for every nut and bolt it turns even if they are the same size. By far the most frustrating tool in most tool boxes.

Channel-Lock Pliers

In a similar vein to The Adjustable "Crescent" Wrench, Channel-lock pliers are great in theory and frustrating in practice. With them you can never quite get the right size you need and when you do the tool can loosen itself or won’t fit another fitting of the exact same size. Again this makes our list of totally underrated tools that everyone has in their toolbox. 

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