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Top Tools to Make you a DIY Plumbing Hero

Top Tools to Make you a DIY Plumbing Hero

Plumbing is not something everyone enjoys and more often than not we simply call our local plumber when something is wrong. But there are many small jobs you can do yourself and save some money on. For these small jobs you will need some simple plumbing tools. Lowes is the best place in the US to buy any tools and with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on these tools to make yourself the best DIY plumber in America.

Water Pump Pliers

These pliers go by many names but one thing is for sure…you will need them. Easily the most widely used tool in any plumber's toolbox, water pimp pliers have long handles and lockable jaws that snap in place at the press of a button. They open wide and can grip nearly any shape making them one of the most versatile tools for any plumber. They are used to tighten or loosen almost everything. These pliers are useful in pairs for stabilizing a pipe using the other set to loosen/tighten. A 10" pair will take care of most residential needs and Lowes has many to choose from and don’t forget to use your Lowes Printable Coupons to save money

Pipe Wrench

The best way to describe this wrench is like a wrench on steroids and it is the most iconic tool of any plumber. Pipe wrenches are especially useful when dealing with softer pipes (like iron and galvanized steel) and rounded fittings (they're not recommended for nuts or square or hex fittings). Again you will need at least two of these (one to stabilize, one to turn) - anything between 8-12" should suffice for the home.  Lowes is has a good selection of pipe wrenches, visit your nearest store today

Basin Wrench

A lesser-known tool but one you will appreciate as it is specially designed for use with the mounting nuts that hold faucets in sinks. Using a standard wrench or pliers to tighten/remove a faucet nut is usually an exercise in futility and frustration and this handy tool changes everything. A bar at the bottom end of the handle turns the wrench. Indispensable when dealing with faucets, you're likely to find even more applications for this odd-looking tool. Lowes has these in stock and you will never regret buying one.

Drain Auger

Plunger and vinegar with baking soda don’t clear every drain and at this point you normally call the plumber. A good drain auger is the secret to unblocking the most clogged of all drains and having one you will soon have a new best friend. Augers consist of a flexible steel cable and a drum with a hand crank that pushes the cable into the drain, where its coiled head breaks up and grabs the clogging material just like a pro!  Lowes has a wide range of Augers and has all the expertise to help you. Don’t forget to use your Lowes Printable Coupons to save money instore

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