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Five Hinges Every DIY Enthusiast needs

Five Hinges Every DIY Enthusiast needs

Look around your home and you will notice that there are a few different types of hinges. A hinge is not just a hinge and there five hinges every DIYer needs to know about to cover most jobs. Lowes stocks a variety of hinges and using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on them making your DIY more affordable for you. So, what are the Five types of hinges you need for your home?

Butt/Mortice Hinges

Used on most household doors these are perhaps what many people envision when they think of a hinge. Morticed or fixed onto the door and the frame and held together with a pin that can be removed in some cases, however cheaper hinges are normally a solid unit, these hinges can serve many purposes when you get creative. Available in a range of sizes and made from various metals these hinges are a must for any DIY enthusiast.

Strap Hinges

When it comes to hanging gates or heavy doors, strap hinges are the solution. Strong and extremely sturdy, strap hinges range from heavy duty hinges to light hinges. Strap Hinges can be functional or highly decorative and are considered to be a very stylish hinge. Made from a variety of materials Strap Hinges are easy to fit and once fitted last for a long time.

Spring-Loaded Hinge

Ever wondered how doors automatically close behind you? No, it is not magic or remote control but the very useful and very easy to fit spring hinges. Often required by law around pools and garages Spring loaded hinges can be configured to remain open or closed simply by adjusting the tension of the spring.

Overlay Hinge

A rather complex looking hinge, overlay hinges are particularly useful in kitchens where a cupboard is required to open flush. Despite the complexity of the hinge they are very easy to install and even though they look small, even weak, they are quite capable of holding very heavy cupboard doors.

Concealed Hinge

The smart and innovative Concealed Hinge cannot be easily seen and is a particularly useful hinge used to hang doors where you do not wish the hinge to be seen. Like the spring loaded hinge a concealed hinge can be used to allow doors to close or remain open. Despite the hinges looking somewhat complicated, with the right tools the hinge can be installed easily.

Lowes has a wide selection of all kinds of hinges for all kinds of purposes, including special hinges for special jobs. If you need advice of the hinge that best suits your requirements, ask at your nearest Lowes store and don’t forget to save money by using your Lowes Money Off Coupons when paying.

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