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Camping out with Lowes

Camping out with Lowes

Many of us have been trapped indoors for a few weeks and we are simply dying to get outside. Some of us are looking forward to being in the outdoors, away from  it all and sleeping under canvas. Planning a camping trip means having the right equipment and Lowes has everything you need. Lowes is more than just a hardware store and using a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save a lot of money on all the camping equipment you need. But what do you need for a great camping trip?


Your tent is the most important part of your camping equipment and there is a vast variety of tents to choose from. Depending on your outdoor adventure plans the size and style of your tent will vary. If you are planning a hiking trip with camping stops along the way you will need a smaller tent, either a one-man tent or a two man tent. If you are planning to drive to a place and just relax with the family for a few days, then a large family tent is what you will need. Tents come is  a variety of styles and are made from a choice of materials. If you are going to take your camping seriously canvas is still the best, it is heavier than most modern materials but the investment in a more costly canvas tent will pay off. At Lowes you can ask for all the advice you need when choosing your tent.

Sleeping Equipment

While you can bring your linen from home, and many people do, you really should have a good quality sleeping bag. Lowes has a wide range of sleeping bags for all types of camping requirements. It is possible to sleep on the ground and hardy campers have no problem with this, however, some form of camping mattress or camp bed does make a lot of sense for a good night’s sleep under the stars. From simple foam mattresses that offer basic comfort to inflatable mattresses that make a bed equally as comfortable as your bed at home, Lowes has all you need.


There is nothing better than food cooked over a campfire and where fires are permitted this is the epitome of camping. However, you still need outdoor cooking equipment such a pots, pans and grids to cook on. Where campfires are not allowed or if you want something slighting more convenient then portable gas grills are the perfect investment. Don’t forget to purchase your kettle to boil water for that always perfect first cup of coffee under the stars or watching the sun rise on a new day.

Camping Chairs

The next important thing you will need for camping are some study camping chairs, although you can sit on the ground or on logs if you really want to go natures way. Lowes has a superb selection of camping chairs for adults and kids so head to your nearest store and have a look, bringing your Lowes Money Off Coupon to buy the best priced chairs at an even better price.

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