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The Top 4 Ways to Save Money at Lowes

The Top 4 Ways to Save Money at Lowes

If you are doing some DIY or simply need some appliances at a great price from a conveniently located store, Lowes is your answer. With 2,355 locations, Lowes has a massive footprint, and this makes the logical shopping choice for many Americans. On top of the logical reason of location Lowes is also well-known for its great prices, again Lowes makes sense. But even with the convenience of a local store and great prices, there are still ways to save even more when shopping at Lowes. Here are our Top 4 Ways to save money at Lowes.

Lowes Price Match

One thing that many people overlook is the Price Match Promise that Lowes offers. This does sometimes take a little bit of sleuthing, and there are some clauses to be aware of, but it does pay off. Generally, the price match must be on a standard retail price, not a special offer or a price obtained using a voucher. Lowes will generally beat the price of a competitor selling the same product by 10% and 10% on say a $500 refrigerator is a very handy $50 that can go towards stocking it with groceries.


In many parts of the world haggling on a price is very much the norm. In the United States, haggling is not necessarily part of the culture, but there are a couple of exceptions, and many people are simply afraid to ask; thus, they end up paying full retail. Damaged stock or damaged packaging is normally a great haggling point, and good discounts can be easily negotiated. Lowes would rather break even than have to endure the time and cost of a damaged item being sent back to a supplier. The second haggling point is items on the shop floor that are often the last in stock. Shop floor items are very close to being second hand, and it is easy for an instant $50 to scored simply by asking.

Bulk Buy

There is the saying “Go big or go home” and at Lowes you could rephrase it as “buy big then go home (with a smile on your face)” Buying in bulk is a superb way to save, whether you need the bulk amount yourself or you have clubbed together to use the bulk Lowes often gives a discount for those who buy in bulk.

Lowes Coupons

The fourth and ultimately the very best way to save money at Lowes is to use a Lowes Coupon from We Are Coupons. Lowes Coupons can save you 20% when you spend $100 or more, and that is a guaranteed saving. Coupons for Lowes from We Are Coupons are easy to purchase and redeem and require little time or effort to make the use of. No haggling is required but if you do haggle the price down the voucher can often still be used, and the same is true for price match items. If you get up to speed with how to use a Lowes coupon, you can save much more than that value on the coupon itself.



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