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A Brief History of Coupons

A Brief History of Coupons

We Are Coupons is a new entrant into the modern Couponing industry.  Coupons are part of the American way of life and 96% of Americans coupon regularly. Whether they are doing a weekly grocery run or making a bigger purchase such as a new Refrigerator from Lowes Coupons are well known to be the best way to save.  But where did it all start and how have we got to the stage where bulk buying of coupons is becoming more common?

A Free Coke

Coupons are believed to have been started around 1897 by one John Pemberton.  John Pemberton was a pharmacist but also a very clever businessman with a good understanding of marketing, he just happened to be the man who invented what is now one of the best-known products in the world… Coke!  In the early days, Pemberton sold his Coke as a syrup through pharmacists across the United States. He needed sales and above all, he needed product awareness. So, Pemberton got clever and offered 2 Gallons of Free Syrup to any pharmacist who would give him the names and addresses of all their customers. As long as the pharmacists kept on supplying him with new names and addresses they would get free syrup. But what Pemberton did with the names and addresses was what started the Couponing that America knows so well. John Pemberton mailed a voucher for a free coke to every customer he was given and it worked. People took up the offer a free coke, they liked the product and were hooked and sales began to soar.

From Small Acorns

In 1909 the second known Coupon is said to be a penny off Grape-Nuts Cereal. A penny doesn’t sound a lot but a discount is a discount and of course, Grape-Nuts grew and couponing was also on the rise. Over the next thirty or forty years, Americans were all on the lookout for great coupons that offer great savings and an industry was being born. By the late 1950s, the Nielsen Coupon Clearing House began operating as a kind of middleman between manufacturers and retailers in the national distribution of coupons. A decade later Valpak introduced coupons for local neighbourhood services and if you remember flagwavers you really must be an expert couponer.

Technology and Your Coupons

1997 the very first National Coupon month found it’s way onto the calendar, the main reason was is that nothing really happens in September. As this appeared couponing was transitioning from printed paper coupons to digital coupons such as the Lowes Coupons from We Are Coupons.  Today coupons that offer tremendous savings are easily available on your mobile phone or PC and bulk buying of coupons is becoming a new way to save or a great way to reward others for very little. Couponing is a superb way to save through couponing App and websites such as clever shoppers can maximise their savings as we explain here.

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