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My Daughters Birthday - Lowes Coupons - Saved A Fortune

My Daughters Birthday - Lowes Coupons - Saved A Fortune

Hey everyone, I am William, and I live in California. I just want to share my experience with  These guys really saved the day when I needed them to.  My daughter Maddison who just got out of college had planned to own a bakery, and I was ready to help her with it.  I had planned to present two sets of large ovens to her on next birthday, but the cost of those ovens kept giving me a high blood pressure, lol.  The expense was intimidating and my daughter was expecting something big from me this time.

I’ll forever be grateful to old friend Mathew who pointed out this site saying I could get the best Lowes coupons from them, I never even knew they now sell coupons online.  Since Maddison’s birthday was just two weeks away, I had to act very quick to ensure everything was ready.

Since getting coupons online was a new thing to me, I had to call on Michael my Grandson to put me through the process.  Indeed, getting those Lowes coupons was even easier than I had imagined.  I watched as Mike opened the site, registered me and clicked on the Lowes Coupons off the home page.  He then checked out the Lowes coupon after opening another page, and I told him to buy two – one for each oven at Lowes.  I was excited when I got them right away!

I then proceeded to get the ovens at Lowes with the two Coupons 6 days before Maddison’s birthday.  The ovens cost a lot, but I saved $500 per oven by using those coupons that only cost a couple bucks each.  I got a great deal by using  All together I saved $1000!  I got two of the Cafe Self-Cleaning and True Convection Double Electric Wall Ovens.  (Item # 1158013)

Thanks to I presented those ovens like a proud father on my daughter’s birthday.  She still can't believe I could afford those ovens, I later told her about the Lowes coupons.  I also plan on getting myself a smoker at Lowes, and I am going to be getting those Lowes coupons from them again.  And by the way, my daughter started her bakery business last month.

I don’t usually speak about websites but, I will make sure my old friends benefit from such a good site.

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