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Tech and Equipment to Make Working from Home a Breeze in 2022 - Part 1

Tech and Equipment to Make Working from Home a Breeze in 2022  - Part 1

Every home has become smarter and smart homes have become happy homes.  Home Depot have been among the leaders in the sale of smart home tech in the USA. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all the smart home tech in store. 

Many of us are still working from home full-time and some at least part-time. This has lead to a rise in smart tech use and in particular smart tech that can make working from home easier.  There is a lot of smart tech out there, some amazingly useful and others more of a gimmick. So, what are the must have smart tech gadgets you need when working from home? Here is part one of two of the gadgets and must-have’s for your home office in 2022.

Multi-Port Adapter

As laptops have improved and advanced they seem to have come with fewer ports and jacks. This can make life complicated and where in a work office there are many options to connect to devices at home you are limited to what you can plug in. With a multi-port adapter you can plug a number of external devices, flashdrives, cameras, phones etc, into a single source that leads into your laptop or PC. A multi-port adapter will be a lifer saver once you purchase one.

Smart Speaker

Virtual Assistance Technology has changed the way we run our homes and our lives. Most people use their smart speaker to play music “Alexa, play song” is now very much part of the English language. However, working from a Smart Speaker can become an extra pair of hands and “Alexa,  book appointment for…” can become a real time saver.  A smart speaker is a must have when working from home efficiently.

Wireless Phone Charger

It is all too easy to end up with a home office full of wires. Wires become messy and can be dangerous. One wire we all have today is a phone charger and cable. The trouble with phone chargers and cables at home is that other family members “Borrow” them. To solve this and to reduce the need for cables a wireless phone charger is a must have for the home office today.

 Wireless Earbuds

Some people like to work to music and earbuds make listening a joy and mean the whole house is not subjected to your music. But when working from home wireless earbuds can make life simple and make muti-tasking easier. With no dangling cables to catch on anything with wireless earbuds you are free to move around, answer calls and even attend zoom meetings away from your desk.  Wireless earbuds are a real must-have when working from home today.

In Part two we will look at four more essentials for working for home in 2022.   

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