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How to Create Chrostmas Every Day in your Home

How to Create Chrostmas Every Day in your Home

Lowes knows how special Christmas is and wishes it could be Christmas every day.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on having Christmas every day in your home. The Christmas spirit doesn't have to stop on the 24th of December. Add a touch of the holiday to your home every day! You can hang a sleigh bell outside the front door and play Christmas music. Tie some jingling bells to your front door. Children love the sound of jingling bells and a jolly "ho, ho"!


Whether you are a fan of traditional Christmas decorations or you want to bring the holiday season into your home every day, the hanging of mistletoe will enhance your winter decorating scheme. This pretty plant is used in many different ways, from hanging on doors to trees, and even in cars. Mistletoe can be hung above windows, doors, chandeliers, beds, and even sinks.


In the holiday season, pinecones add a rustic, nature-inspired touch to classic holiday decor. Whether for your front door or the mantle, pinecones can add an unexpected twist to classic holiday decor. Create a garland with pinecones by stringing them from branches of evergreens and tying the ends with velvet ribbons. Pinecones are an excellent filler for clear ornaments and look lovely in autumn and winter.

Paper snowflakes

If you want to make your home feel like Christmas every day, there are two easy ways to create your own paper snowflakes. Paper and scissors are essential craft supplies. Choose lightweight paper such as wrapping or tissue paper if you don't want to cut through delicate material. Medium to heavy weight paper such as text-weight poster paper is more difficult to cut. Once you've chosen the type of paper you want to use, you can begin the snowflake craft.

Holiday wreaths

If you love the festive feeling of Christmas, you'll surely appreciate the many beautiful holiday wreaths available on the market. These decorations can bring back holiday memories or simply make your home feel like Christmas all year round. If you'd like to make your home feel like a holiday home all year round, consider getting a fake evergreen wreath and decorating it with festive pine cones and vibrant red berries. After Christmas, you can reuse the wreath and its pegs year after year.

Extra-large decor

There are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit at home. While you can still display tinsel and garland, it is much more effective to add a hefty Advent calendar and stockings. In addition, you can use garlands to signify days of the month and hang them as each day passes. If you do not have any little gifts, you can also use your tree and ornaments as an Advent calendar. If you want to go all out, you can use traditional Christmas colors like white and red, but you can also sprinkle in some unexpected ones, such as purple and yellow.


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