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Home Checks Before You Leave Home for Vacation

Home Checks Before You Leave Home for Vacation

So,  it is that time of year again and you are ready to pack your bags and go away on vacation.  Lowes has helped you take care of your home all year round, you have saved money at Lowes using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons and you need a break.  But when it comes to packing up, locking the front door and leaving what things around the home do you need to take care of?

The Fridge

The last thing you want when you come home from a lovely vacation  is a kitchen smelling of rotten food.  Before you leave on vacation you need to remove all fruit and veg (and milk) that can or will go off during you time away. You may wish to give food away to neighbors or to the homeless before you go if it is perfectly edible.  Likewise, remove any fruit from fruit bowls in the kitchen, this too can go off and smell bad when you return home.

Clear out the Trash

Throwing out the trash cans before you leave is an obvious thing to do, but many forget so. Clear out every trash bin in the house, bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen to ensure your home smells clean when  you return.

Thermostat – heating and cooling

You may wish to lower your thermostat for the time you are away or switch your heating off all together if you can. This reduces energy waste and saves money on your bills. Many homes have smart thermostats today and you can switch your heating or cooling on as you arrive home to ensure your house is comfortable for you all.


You should ensure no faucets are left open and make sure none are dripping.  If you are going to be away for more than a week you may want to switch your water off at the mains. You should also switch off your water heater, you won’t need hot water when you are on vacation.


There are many thoughts around lights and lighting when you are going away on vacation.  The first is that lights should be turned off to save money. However, many people like to leave some lamps or lights on a time to give the impression someone is at home.  This is all very easy to attend to and timers are easy to install or can be controlled remotely from your phone if you so desire.


Washing machines and Dishwashers should be switched off before you go away on vacation. However, you should also closely check your appliances for leaks. Even a small leak can leave a large puddle when you return after two weeks.

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