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Can I sell my home if it needs work to make it liveable?

Can I sell my home if it needs work to make it liveable?

Home maintenance is something many people look to do and keep on top of. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon home maintenance is always more affordable. However, there are times when the work or project gets too much and cannot be complete. Very often this is when contractors are called in to fix things. However, there are times when this point is reached and you need to sell. It could be because you simply need the money and selling is your only option or it could be that you need to relocate and cannot finish the job and need to sell up fast.  Whatever the reason is that you need to sell your home with major maintenance outstanding it is possible to sell your house. So, how do you do so?

Two Types of Buyer

Key to selling your house that needs repair is to understand the market and know your buyers. There are essentially two types of buyer that love homes that need work, and in some cases the more work that is needed the more they like the property.  The two types of buyer are:

  •          The Investment Buyer
  •          The Bargain Hunter

The Investment Buyer

Investment Buyers primarily concerned with flipping the property around. Such a buyer is either an individual, group of buyers or a company looking for property that they can do a rapid repair on and sell it at a profit without spending too much. Companies such as we buy homes have been sent up just for this purpose and can offer a quick cash sale.  Preferably investment buyers wanting to flip a profit are looking private sales not linked to any real estate agent or company.

The Bargain Hunter

The Bargain Hunter has been a type of buyer that has always existed. These are often people looking to buy in a particular area or neighborhood who cannot find land or have a limited buying budget.  These buyers are often very capable DIYers and very often DIYers looking for a long term investment that is a bit of a project they can build up over time.  These buyers may also prefer an off the market sale.

What do the buyers look for?

In a nutshell both these buyers are looking for potential. The investment buyer is looking for a property that doesn’t need major remodelling to make very liveable. In this case it is a spend some money, fix the basics, make it better, sell it fast and move on while banking a small but reasonable profit.  The bargain hunter isn’t necessarily thinking about profit but a house to turn into a home with potential value added at a later date. The bargain hunter is looking for a future dream home not an instant sale for profit.

It is very easy to sell a home that needs some TLC when you know how .

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