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Must do tasks for June

Must do tasks for June

Lowes loves summer and Lowes loves your home as much as you do.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save money on things you need around the home and on the tools and materials you need to look after your home. June has suddenly appeared, Summer is finally here and yet the home maintenance projects and tasks continue. Just because summer has arrived there is no time or space for idleness. Here are some must do tasks for June

Check your Air Con

With the hot weather you want to stay cool indoors, either to chill during the day or sleep peacefully at night. There is nothing worse than come the second week of June and your AC stops working. Air Conditioner repairs can be expensive. To avoid costly repairs, give your cooling system a clean and a once over service. This will save money and hit sticky hassle down the line.

Stop Mold Now

June is a funny month and it can be the month that starts mold from forming in your home. It only takes one or two June showers and some warm moist air and the problem begins. There is an easy solutution and it is as simple as turning your thermostat down. Turn the AC fan on to “Auto” too, this allows any condensation from hot parts cooling to dry or drain rather than be blown back into the home. Common sense generally saves the day.

Get Your Pool Ready

In June you want to start using your swimming pool.  June is the time to check your PH levels and give your pool a clean and service. Run your pump,  one hour for every ten degrees of temperature to avoid the green swampy look.  Daily maintenance is essential for pool owners. If this is too much then call in the professionals, you won’t regret it.

Service your Sprinklers

June makes your garden thirsty and for many months your irrigation system has more than likely been switched off. During it’s down time your sprinklers can get clogged and mis-aligned. Spend a morning checking each nozzle, cleaning each one and adjusting the direction they spray in. This hour or three will be a life saver. Replace any damaged nozzles or parts and before you know your sprinkler system will be up and running.

Sort your Fridge out

Come summer your fridge is going to work overtime. Giving your fridge the once over and a good a clean will pay off in June. Dusting off the exposed elements at the back of the fridge will ensure the machine runs efficiently. Checking and replacing the magnetic seals and gaskets will ensure your fridge closes properly keeping your food and drinks ice cold all the time!

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